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Should we have a fluther ichat session?

Asked by Mtl_zack (6762points) September 1st, 2008

i’ve “known” many people here for a long time, but ive never seen anyone’s faces. One of the major flaws of the internet is the lack of personality. i find that its very important to see the person youre talking with so you can note body language and other features of that person.

if no one wants to talk to each other directly, or if theres a schedule misshap, maybe we can ask ben or andrew to make a “video profile” that goes on the regular profile so that you can get to know other flutherites better.

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I suspect many people enjoy the anonymity of the Web.

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Oh man, I’d love that, but I have no camera on the work computer!

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It seems that you are forgetting the windows using majority.

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Wouldnt we be limited to four people? I thought that was the max for a video conference?

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@rh If that is so, we’d have to have a whole bunch of round robin foursomes.

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I think that the idea is a nice idea, but as Mariana siad many people really enjoy the anonymity of the internet, and logistically, not everyone has a camera. Though I think a video profile might be a good idea, there is also the problem of storage and bandwidth, etc.
If ben wants to give it a shot i would be willing to participate, so well see.

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I just think too many of you would be overwhelmed by my gorgeous looks.

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@astrochuck: We already are!!!

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I’m down with video chat. I gave up anonymity when I began to vlog.

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It’s probably a bad idea. We’ll find out that we actually have nothing in common, and then someone will take their clothes off; “forsooth, I have slain my pants.” You never know with these things.

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But I never wear any pants.

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Thy pants hath never touched my skin!

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I spend too much time in My Pants anyway.

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