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Do people in your real life know about Fluther?

Asked by aviona (3242points) April 23rd, 2009

Do your real life friends know that you use Fluther? Maybe they are on Fluther as well? Or is it your own little virtual world, here? Do you intentionally not tell them about Fluther for to keep some amount of anonymity? Or has it just not come up?

The only people have mentioned it to are my parents and I believe I referred to it as a ‘forum’ (easier for parents to comprehend ;D) I think my intentionality in keeping it private has to do with the time in my life that I discovered Fluther—right after a breakup, with some alienation from my friends. I have been in need of support outside of my “normal” circle, without those people becoming involved, without judgment, and with some amount of anonymity. It allows me to ask anything I want with more freedom. To really utilize Fluther its full capacity.

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I just told one of my friends about it, because I think she’d make a lot of great contributions…I’m not sure if she joined or not though.
My husband knows about it. I don’t really mention this sort of thing to my parents, I guess I would if it came up. They know about my “mommy boards” and know I’ve met women with children the same age as my son, off the internet. These are women I’ve talked to since I found out I was pregnant back in 2006 though. They were a little wary at first, but they trust my judgement.

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Only one person, and he was here first.
I wouldn’t like it if many of my “real life” people were flutherers. I like the relative anonymity of this site and I don’t have to worry about what people I really know think about what I have to say.

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One. She may be on here now, too. I haven’t talk to her in awhile. I wouldn’t be surprised, though.. :)

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My sister-in-law (Sueanne Tremendous) showed me this site a long time ago and I often lurked under her account. My wife (Sue’s sister) knows about Fluther but she has no interest in being here.

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I think this is my own virtual world for now… as far as I know nobody recognizes me here. My husband has seen me typing into this website but is completely uninterested! If I do have a friend on here I’d like to know…. I’d still be completely open because that is how I am in my “real” life too!

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Removed because I am not very smart when trying to hijack someones account

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I don’t mention it to anyone. Most of my family are pissed that I spend so much time on here anyway, so I just keep quiet about it so’s not to rile them up.

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my partner and best friend know
but it’s not something i talk or not talk about

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@monk: She doesn’t come here because she thinks all we do is perv here. You haven’t been pervin’ and ruining my rep have you????

also, sorry for hijacking your account…i thought I had logged you out and me in. We really don’t share a computer very well do we? No worries…I’ll be back in Fla in a few days

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Two of my real life friends are on here, but I still think of it as my own little world.

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1 is on here, a few have ventured in to check it out, but I don’t think they stayed. Considering how often I send tweets back and forth to flutherers linking threads i’m surprised more people on my Twitter haven’t picked it up. As long as my family stays off the threads i’m happy. I don’t think my mum needs to see some of my answers and I think i’d be more cautious of what I said, I don’t want to have to filter…I like the freedom!

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Half of my family either designed or participates here.

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No, it’s my own little world. I’ve mentioned to my parents and siblings that I spend time on forums and what not, but I’ve never said the name of any. I had a friend of mine visit a site I used to go to, but that’s as close as it got. I don’t want anyone I know coming on here; this is my thing.

And I don’t think anyone I know has come on here. This avatar I have is pretty recognizable and I haven’t been discovered yet… :)

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My husband (and kids) know, I am trying to get my husband to join, he keeps saying he will – but he’s stuck on another forum (car related). My sister has thought about joining. She doesn’t always have access, so she thinks it would be a waste of time. I know one of my friends has lurked, she hasn’t started participating yet, but she’s been lurking.

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My friend IBERnineD turned me on to Fluther. But, other than her no one else I know is on here.

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I guess that makes us all dirty little secrets and guilty pleasures LOL

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a few of my friends know about it, but only one actually HAS a fluther account. (he’s the one that got ME started. hahah.)
nobody else understands our obsession with this site… there should probably be a fluther addicts anonymous.

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@TaoSan some of us more than others. ’-)

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My brother, my Craig, a few of my friends and a few old coworkers knew.

My brother, KingMalefic joined because I made him with all my yammering about how amazing everyone here was, he isn’t on much though, Craig joined just because I was on here so much and friends know because I tell stories like I know you people, or bring up points and continue the discussions with them. Is that sad?

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I’ve done the same @asmonet, but without bringing up Fluther in the discussion. Just yesterday I said this in a conversation we were having and realized that I had just said it on Fluther. (not that it’s some incredibly unique insightful thought) Gosh. If you’re sad, then I’m sad with you.

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Some people are made to excell :D


So you’re telling people our dirty little secrets? I see how it is…

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@TaoSan Uh-huh…. And some do very well, too!

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I try ^^

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@TaoSan I just bet you do very well. :D

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i haven’t told anybody bec i don’t want anyone coming on and figuring out who i am and reading all my secrets, opinions and gossip.

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@asmonet it’s actually a good thing that I have at least 1 friend on here, because I frequently reference a number of you in my regular conversations and most would say “who the hell is Asmo”? Haha.

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No, I haven’t told anyone. I made the mistake of getting some family members interested in another site I was on and they kept taking everything I said personally, so I have not let them know about this one.

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Some people know, but I don’t think any of them are online here.

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I don’t think I have ever mentioned Fluther by name, but as some others, simply refer to it as “an internet forum that I’m on”. I would not feel as comfortable being totally open about some things if people who knew me in real life were here reading my answers. I am a pretty open person, but there are some things I don’t share with co-workers and casual acquaintances. You, my dear Flutherites, are another story. I share it all here!!

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fluther is real life!

no! i really wouldn’t be comfortable with people i know on here. i’d feel like people were walking through my house uninvited. strangely enough, though, i guess i’m okay with people i don’t know walking through my house! i would answer these questions quite similarly if any of my ‘real life’ friends asked me, but i don’t know. i’d feel weird about it. this is my little haven, and i like it that way.

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Only my husband (blondesjon), his co-worker (Sakata) and my children know about fluther. I pray that my family doesn’t find out. This is my place to bitch about them.

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I could envision if people i worked with found out who i am, some of them would read every post and it would become big gossip. My comments and questions on my boss, my job, my personal life, i would definitely not want that out in the open. To Fluther, it’s like writing in a diary. I like being anonymous. I would not be so candid if people knew who i was.

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Several of my friends know I “fluther.” They walk up, ask what I’m doing, and when I reply “Oh, I’m fluthering,” they give me this what-the-crap look, expecting me to explain. After they find out what it is, they lose interest, so, no, none of my friends, relatives, or acquaintances have an account here.

I like it this way. No where else am I allotted the freedom to express my opinions, share my advice, or freely inquire as I am here. Fluther makes me feel special. =) lol

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my friend

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