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Will fewer people evacuate next time because Gustav was less damaging than it could have been?

Asked by marinelife (62430points) September 1st, 2008

What is the best way to keep people safe? For Katrina, almost no one evacuated. Since its devastation, a lot of people left this time, but when the death toll and damager were only moderate, I fear fewer will leave next time. Human nature is rather odd. Do you think there is something else that could be done?

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Lord, let’s hope not. They say Hannah is one bad mutha(shut yer mouth!)

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Yes, I am watching it closely. We are in the cone. I am hoping it stays offshore.

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I think that will always be the case unfortunately.

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I think complacency tends to set in as memory fades, and rather quickly, too. I think as time goes on, with more storms causing less damage, people will stay put…much to their detriment.

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Unfortunately, I think some people will fall into that category – the last one won’t be bad, this won’t be, either. It happens and it takes a lot to convince some that just because one wasn’t bad, the others won’t be bad.

I think also, though, that people on the gulf coast saw what Katrina did and are still recovering from that storm. There will be people that continue to leave – just walk around that area, the devastation is still there – it still serves as a very real reminder that we truly just don’t know what will happen during a hurricane.

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As long as there are hurricanes and liquor, there will be foolish people who choose to sit it out at home.

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some idiots don’t even need liquor to do stupid stuff! Some of my worst decisions were made when I was perfectly sober. On the other hand, I’ve written some pretty good songs while under the influence.

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heh heh, that’s true!

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I thought it was interesting that they publicized that if you stayed, they would not respond to calls for help during the storm. I wonder if they stuck to that.

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@Marina Ambulance service was canceled. Police stopped responding once the wind picked up. Fire Dept. ran non stop.

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3 cheers for the fire department! Thanks for your good work, gooch.

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@gooch How are things now? I hate the way the media leaves after they do the obligatory stand-ups of the weathermen leaning into the wind.

In Florida, we have a lot of desperate people still dealing with the flood aftermaths of Fay while expecting to be clobbered again by Hanna.

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Many without power or water. No gasoline which means no genarator power also. There is only a handful of grocery stores open. I am very lucky my family has food, water, & power. The only thing they are missing is me. I am fixing to head back out to work.

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In 50 years when people no longer have personal memories of the event, of course most will not evacuate. Thats just the way people are.

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50 years? I am wondering if they will evacuate for Ike since Gustav “was not so bad.”

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