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Where can I go to post jobs and get legit results 100% free.

Asked by ericmorris25 (92points) 2 months ago

I’m trying to hire a remote personal assistant but every where I try either you have to pay or you get bunch of fake people who probably aren’t even people. Where can I go to solve this problem.

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I think ya gotta pay if you’re going play !

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~You usually get what you pay for.

I would recommend your government job bank. Should be free.

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RedDeerGuy1 I cant do that because my company hasn’t been established. I’ll be paying this person out of my salary from my job. I’ve spent the last 30 months saving a stipend to pay this person.

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@ericmorris25 Oh ok. You could man a booth for a high school career day. Should be free and high in demand for all those job shortages from Covid19,
for students graduating into the system and joining the workforce.
I would do that before school gets furloughed from social distancing or the end of the year. Or you might have to wait till next year if the Covid19 thing is cured .

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Occasionally I have seen job fairs hosted by non profit agencies. I’m thinking of a non profit school in Texas that hosts such fairs. PM me, and I’ll send you a link.

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