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Does Chicago O'Hare Int. Airport sell iPhones?

Asked by Magnus (2871points) September 2nd, 2008

I’ll try to pick one up the two hours I’m there for. Then it’s off to Birmingham, Alabama!

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Would also help if you knew if iPhones are sold outside apple stores in your country..

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can get them from the 02 shop and mixed phone shops like carphone warehouse

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Their site is a disgrace btw.

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yeah that is bad. manchester airports website is a lot better than that one!

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Manchester (US) is in New Hampshire (not Maryland). In my opinion, it is one of the most efficient and nicest airports in the entire country. It is a great alternative to Logan in Boston, if you can use it and is not that far away.

The new iPhones in the US are still only available at AT&T stores and Apple Stores and require an AT&T contract. More are available at Apple Stores than the AT&T stores.

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