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Are you paying close attention to what your local and government officials are saying about Coronavirus issues?

Asked by jca2 (16318points) April 30th, 2020

I live in New York state and every day, Governor Cuomo talks at a press conference. He discusses recent statistics, plans for the future, problems, etc. Then Mayor DiBlasio talks (NYC Mayor – NYC is about an hour away). He says similar things but on a local level, relative to NYC issues. Some of what the Governor says and what the Mayor says are the same thing. Some of it is a little pep talk, like “we can get through this” and things like taking a daily walk, or mental health issues, etc.

I used to listen every day but now, they’re saying the same thing, day after day. We need more tests, when can we open things back up? We need more tests, when can we open things back up. Repeat.

I’ve been home since mid-March and the press conferences are getting redundant. I understand the need for them and agree that more communication is better than less, so I’m not complaining about them, I’m just saying my interest in them is not as much as it was in the beginning.

How about you?

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My son mentioned that Governor Newsom’s daily briefings should be marketed as an insomnia cure.

I don;t watch any of the briefings, I just look at the summaries.

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The news said that there isnt any meat shortages so that means to stock up on meat.
The health minister said that the risk for Covid19 to come to Canada was low. So with the government’s track record for getting things wrong I will stock up on meat tomorrow.
Maybe just bacon for now. I will only get meat if it calls to me.

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Don’t go out and buy three months worth of meat @RedDeerGuy1, you have to freeze or store it. Buy a weeks worth at a time.

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We get an update from Governor and Mayor on a regular basis.

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@Tropical_Willie I was just joking. I will just get a weeks supply of meat if it calls to me. I will get two gallons of white and chocolate milk delivered because it is so heavy, and I keep running out.
I do however have a mini freezer full of hungryman tv dinners that I like.

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No, I’m tired of all of them.

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My local and state governments (Georgia) are enthralled by Trump and his band of bullshitters. Governor Kemp is a bought and paid for by the Trumpies.

As a result, I know that everything the Governor says is wrong. Take the opposite of what Kemp says and you get the truth.

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@elbanditoroso I feel ya !
We have a Democrat for Governor and GOP State Congressional members running around yelling it is a socialist plot. Some of the GOP members are at rallies to “Reopen the State”.


GOP wants to opening up everything and see who dies !

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Yes. I follow my mayor and governor on social media.

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Nah, I go my own way.

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At this point I mostly just pay attention to what the “rules” of our state are.

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