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What area of expertise in psychology deals with removing knots?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24649points) May 14th, 2020

In university my counselor gave a presentation on how he removes knots in people to lengthen the rope.

I would like to know more. I have lost contact with him.

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Psychology isn’t my field, but I’ve read a lot. I’ve never encountered the “knots” idea. I’m wondering if perhaps it was your counselor’s own imagery for presenting a concept that might be better known another way.

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It sounds like an interesting concept.
I hope you find it.

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I have never heard the term knots being applied to psychology. My guess is that the counselor was speaking metaphorically. What techniques did he talk about?

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I don’t think he meant knots in the literal term. When people are stressed with their problems they are perceived as being tight or knotted up. As they face their problems, they become less stressed & begin to relax so no longer tied up in knots. So, I’m assuming that he means that he helps people by assisting them with facing their problems head on & becoming less stressed.

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@Jeruba I hated my shrink, had to learn to heal myself.

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