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What is the best free website to start my own blog?

Asked by dianalauren (251points) September 2nd, 2008
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Either or i personally think are the best, Greatest Journal is a little more complicated than Live Journal, just because it’s the updated version of it (o:

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Lately I’ve been using Blogger, which I think is run by Google… I’ve been produced with the aesthetics of the results, but as it was my friend who set it up, I don’t know how customizeable all that is, compared to LJ, which is the other thing I’ve used. As for ease-of-use, that’s been great!

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Wordpress is great! you can either create one on their server or download and install it on your own server
It’s what the pro’s use ;)

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I second LiveJournal – but I’ll admit that I’m concerned about the new Russian owners, who seem pretty dictatorial and scary. Unfortunately I have five years of my life on LiveJournal, and there’s no way to transfer it, so I’m kind of stuck. Also, all my friends are on LJ.

I’ll probably give GreatestJournal a try soon anyway – but I seem to remember hearing that they were having problems?

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I second wordpress. I run several sites using wordpress. Some are managed, but most I manage. It’s easy and the amount of plugins are astounding!

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I have to admit that I dislike WordPress for reasons that have nothing to do with the service or software itself; their owners, Six Apart, bought LiveJournal, screwed it over completely, lied to and mistreated users, and then sold it to a gang of Russian thugs.

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I use Blogger and am quite happy/

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Blogger is good but I thing Wordpress is better. Be aware that there is and hosts your blog for you, requires your own domain name and web hosting.

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If you go with Wordpress, be careful when you pick out your template that it can accommodate what you want it to: like widgets, ads, etc. We made that mistake and now have to change ours.

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Ok, if I go with WordPress, then what template should I choose?

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