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What CMS/Software are sites like running?

Asked by drdoombot (8145points) August 26th, 2009

Originally, I was only aware of, but I’ve recently discovered and, which seem to be running the same website software.

So, if one were to start a website of this nature, what’s the name of the CMS or software to use?

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Probably Wordpress or Django or something similar.

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To me it just looks like a guy/girl that wrote this. The only reason you have to assume that he/she uses some CMS is the similarity of these sites. While it could very well be he/she just copied his/her files over to 3 domains and changed a few little things.

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All three are powered by different software. FML I think runs on a framework because of the nicely formatted URLs for pages, MLIA runs on something different, because the URLs append variables to the URL and use GETs. GMH runs on FMyScript which is a software for FML ripoffs.

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