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What science is close to chemistry?

Asked by Sanger (71points) 1 week ago

Of course, physical, nuclear and theoretical chemistry are close to physics and mathematics, astrochemistry is close to astronomy, biochemistry is close to biology and geochemistry to geology.

But in general, mathematics and physics are very close. Biology and geology are also relatively close (at least when I was at high school, biology teachers teach geology – I come from country, where we don’t have subject science, but physics, chemistry, biology and geology).

And how chemistry? After all, brilliant physicists were good at math at school. So how’s chemistry? Whether in high schools or as a science?

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This is a tricky question but I’ll bite. What about biology and pharmacology.
Your avatar is a person who was an expert in both.

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The boundaries between disciplines are artificial constructs. Actual organic and inorganic entities and processes don’t divide up along those lines.

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Oenology is the science and study of wine and winemaking.

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Organic and inorganic chemistry.

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Geology is closer to chemistry than it is to biology.

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