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What unique coincidence along your family's line led to your existence?

Asked by Inspired_2write (13257points) May 17th, 2020

My mother worked in her Aunt’s cafe/Bakery in a small Town in northern Manitoba, Canada.

My father traveled through this Town one day and stopped in for a quick bite to eat.

He met my mother, they dated, married,had five children and lived a long life.

It was coincidence that they met this way as he never before had traveled so far from his home city .

I would not exist had he not gone there that day.
Please no jokes or crude remarks in your answers.

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Everything that ever happened to my parents and their parents, all the million years back to our beginning. Every. Little. Thing.

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My great grandparents survived the forced removal from their ancestral home and the 5,000 mile journey to Oklahoma Indian Territory.

My parents both grew up in a tiny town in Colorado, but they met by chance on a corner in San Francisco. He was in the Navy and she had just left a failed marriage. They drove to Las Vegas for her divorce. My brother was born 9 months later, but the story doesn’t end there.

Dad was shipped to Pearl Harbor, but his ship developed mechanical problems, and had to return to California, just before the attack. I was born one year later.

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My parents were each brought separately by friends to a party for China Relief in the 30s. My father sat down next to my mother on a couch. My mother says she said to herself, “Either this guy has sore feet or he wants to meet me” and she started talking to him. My father says he had sore feet!

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My grandpa was a truck driver hauling pipe line from Oklahoma to the east coast. He brought his wife and kids with him to live in WV for a year while he was doing this. My mom, who was 18, worked at the movie theater where my dad was a manager. She said he was such a jerk to work for that she married him.

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World War II – my dad’s dad was in a concentration camp and luckily they ransomed their way out. Moved to England and then to the US where my dad (then a veteran, studying on the GI Bill) met my mother at college. Fell in love and here we are.

So I suppose you could thank Hitler….

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My grandfather, fresh back from the war, meeting my grandmother at a jazz club where she was waitressing.

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My dad took dance lessons so he could get a dance with my mom.
On her walks home from work, she used to see him float by through the windows of the dance studio.

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My mom deciding to attend a party that she was initially hesitant to attend. In fact, she had already made up her mind not to go, but at the last minute decided to attend. It was at that party that she met my dad. Of course, if you believe in fate, then maybe they would’ve met somewhere else if my mom had not attended that party. :)

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Wow these are some great gems !
Thanks all but keep adding more, I find these tidbits interesting!
I gave everyone “Great Answer”.
It is nice to see that some had done there research on there family history.

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I guess I can go back to Alexander Hamilton (my maiden name here), born 1813, a blacksmith in Tazewell, TN, who relocated to Missouri when he married Martha Ann Jane Hardy (born 1818.)

He bought 80 acres in Miller County, Missouri (around Lake Ozark), in 1856.
He bought another 120 acres there in 1857.
Then he homesteaded another 80 acres in 1871.

I have some interesting relatives in my family tree, including one John A, who died trying to board a train while it was in motion. He lived 35 minutes after the accident with both legs broken, cut in pieces and both arms broken and mangled.

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O my God!
May he rest in peace knowing that you immortalized him here on this page.

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My father was one horny dude. Mom was a Catholic. Nuff said.

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@KNOWITALL one assumes he was trying to board without a ticket…

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@elbanditoroso I’d assume so, but it doesn’t say that. It’s odd how it shows some tidbits but not others.

@Inspired_2write Yes, I’m sure he wished he didn’t have that last 35 minutes, can you imagine?

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Some don’t get the chance to say things before they pass on.
At least he had died knowing that he was taken care of before he died.
Little compensation, but important never the less.

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He had the opportunity to lend a hand to someone else

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@elbanditoroso We aren’t allowed to joke in this one, or I’d have posted a somewhat crude saying to explain my own existence…haha! But it was morbidly funny so GA.

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Daddy wouldn’t buy me a bow wow

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Mine is drab.
Actually, I’m not even sure he really is my dad. I was born seven months after they married, and my mom was a pathological liar.

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My grandparents met in a displaced persons camp in Germany after surviving genocidal famine in Ukraine and then being taken as forced labor by the Nazis, after which the majority of people like them were sent to the gulag. A small percentage, including my grandparents, safely relocated to the US and Canada.

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