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How much did Covid-19 reduce our planets Kardashev score?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (16971points) 1 month ago

For 2020? By how much? Kardashev Scale

Serious and humorous answers welcome.

Also what are other methods of assessing our civilization? Like this question on Fluther

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Hasn’t moved it at ALL !

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It didn’t.

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Covid 19 has had no effect whatsoever on where earth would be on that scale. Your question shows a fundamental misunderstanding of what it means.

And your question from five years ago also showed a misunderstanding of how the world operates.

Success or failure is not measured against others; it is measured by how well you self actuality to the potential of your gifts.

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The Kardashev Scale is ridiculous.

It slightly decreased our energy use, inconsequentially slightly reducing the already-high odds human civilization will eradicate itself by its pattern of mistakenly over-rating excessive ever-increasing industrial activity and energy use (q.v. the Kardashev Scale) as an good thing.

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