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Which fictional characters do you think might have been good parents & who would definitely not suit the role?

Asked by ucme (50047points) June 5th, 2020

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Piccolo Jr. would have been a great dad.
Goku was not.

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I appreciate you will need time to think this through, the very best thought provoking questions always do.
I am prepared to wait…weeks if necessary!

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Foghorn Leghorn and Mrs. Butterworth.

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Snow White and Prince Charming.

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Santa and Mrs Clause

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Jane Eyre

I think she’d be great at parenting children to be assertive, loving, and tolerant of other people’s beliefs

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Romeo and Juliet would have sucked as parents.
“In the face of adversity, die”?

I think ma and pa Kettle were pretty good, in spite of lazy pa and poor environment. They were loving and supportive.

For mixed doubles, Mrs. Partridge and Columbo. She the nurturer, and fun. If shenanigans were afoot, dad would be right on that. “Oh, Danny, one more thing, you can’t sell your brother’s kisses. I’ll explain about that later. Say, uh, Reuben, you got a light? Never mind, that’s okay. Shirley’s wanting me to quit.”

Maude and Archie Bunker. Far right, far left, kids into cutting.

Links -

Maude and Archie, not social distancing.
Part two

Ma and pa Kettle

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I think Hannibal Lecter would not make for a good parent especially if he teaches his kid what to him was the art of fine dining.

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