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In your opinion what do you think will be the best outcome after these protests die down?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (23162points) June 6th, 2020

I would like to think Police departments will crack down on Police brutality, less racial profiling, and officers get regular psych tests.
Cops have a hard job, with little thanks but they do need the proper training, not just the dominating approach.
Bad cops have to be culled out, not protected by the force.
What is your opinion?

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IMHO there will be accountability for those who injured or killed others, looted, and broke the law.

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Hopefully for all,that includes the police.

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I think less people will want to be police officers, because the job will be less appealing to those who are looking to be tough guys that are looking to bust heads and be nasty to people, in exchange for salary and bennies.

There are a lot of good cops, but a lot of bad cops too that have hidden for too long behind their shields.

I’ve been pulled over (not recently, thankfully), and been totally nice to the cop and in return he’s just a total dick. Hopefully with cameras and accountability, there will be less of that.

I think we need police, and so I do not support organizations that are in favor of defunding the police, which includes Black Lives Matter.

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Review of how force is used by police.

Less police presence in neighborhoods with high minority concentration, either because of funding cuts ( as proposed by LA mayor) or deliberate avoidance.

Profiling will always exist because in many cases it works. Ask all those armed Israelis at Ben Gurion Airport what they are looking for when they talk to you half a dozen times between the parking lot and the gate.

Psych test? Don’t know. Most departments use them now, and clearly it isn’t 100% effective in screening out the occasional problem cop.

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IMHO, there will be no great benefits from all of this. More blacks will fear whites, more whites will fear blacks, therefore more fear, racism, and discrimination will abound. And more children will be terrorized into fearing everything and everybody, especially the police.

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Ya Know @kritiper I think your answer is closer to the truth, sad.

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Very sad.

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Dream on, @SQUEEKY2 .

The police don’t have the introspection to learn anything from this.

The current dictator doesn’t either.

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@SQUEEKY2 Yes indeed, including the police!

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rI am of the opinion that some go into law enforcement for purposes of power and control. (which they’ll use illegaly.)

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The end goal is to burn it all down and blame it on Trump.

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Better training for police.

Better screening of those wanting to be police and ongoing screening once they are.

A dissolution of the power and secrecy triad between some police unions, police chiefs, and fellow officers.

A change in how shootings and killing by police are investigated in non-violent, unarmed situations. One where the FBI takes the lead and the police union steps back.

An understanding thar peaceful protestors, rioters, looters, and anarchists are not necessarily the same people.

More local, state, national leaders who value compassion, unity, and thoughtfulness over ego, divisiveness, and political gain.

Realistically…probably not much.

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I haven’t a clue. And won’t hazard a guess.

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I think there will be a little more accountability in police departments. I saw an interview with a man who trains police officers, and he says in every department the cops know which cop is the bad cop. When he shows up on scenes they all dread it, because he will escalate things. Maybe now the other cops won’t cover so much.

There needs to be evaluation of how cops treat suspects of varying race and ethnicity. Maybe third party anonymous testing.

Hopefully, there will be more police walking the beat and knowing the community. Some cities will do it and some won’t.

IIf people have some fantasy that high crime areas are t really high crime, it’s just police are arresting more than they should, think again. I do believe black people are arrested disproportionately and too often unfairly, but if there are 200 murders by gunshot in your city, that’s not primarily because of the police. That problem isn’t going to evaporate easily.

Ideally, systemic inequalities will be looked at. Not just the police, which I answered above, but everything that is making it hard for African Americans and the poor to get ahead. We need to look at society in general and the economic inequities.

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What do I think will happen?

Well, obviously with all the commie terrorists rioting and what not, there will need to be more powers and resources for the police to protect everyone from this anti-American insurgency.

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Well that is what Trump want you guys to think that’s for sure.^^^

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I think with Antifa labled as a terrorist group, this ‘anti-American insurgency can be dealt with on all levels, including its funding and propaganda, Some of those who are used to being able to support it lucratively from comfy University and Silicon Valley seats and even media will find themselves in a whole lotta trouble,

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Keep filming tyrants.
They will be damned by recorded history which will eventually bring change.

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More awareness and eventual change in everybody.
Especially Police, Security, Careers.

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If anything is changing police behavior, it’s the incessant video taping. I think there will be bigger crack downs and police chiefs will have more to answer too. I wonder, if it wasn’t for the riots, if the cop who killed Floyd would have even been chastised much less arrested.

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Hopefully Police brutality won’t be tolerated by the public in the least , and maybe police forces in North America will understand that and cull out bad cops.
Let’s not call them bad apples lets call them what they are BAD COPS, they will be called out and dealt with and their unions and fellow brothers will not protect them after this.

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Under the existing system, any LEO who is fired or forced to resign can leave and then go to a new city or state and apply for another LE position. If the new location doesn’t do their job and check into his background, he can be hired the very next day without anyone knowing the dangers. There will be a law proposed supposedly tomorrow to have a national database where problem officers are reported and where new hires must be checked before being hired. Sounds good in theory, but I see it being blocked from ever passing or the LE agencies will be too lazy to check it.

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Really when Joe blow applies for a job they like to check references of how the did at their former job, and the cops don’t have to do that?

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@SEKA: In my area, cops generally don’t resign unless they’re moving far away. A cop is not going to work 5 or 10 or 15 years at one agency and then leave and apply for a job three towns over, and have to start moving up the ranks again from the bottom. Only if the cop moves to another state, then yes.

A friend’s son applied for a state police job and the checking was extensive, including drug test and lie detector test.

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There will still be idiots in the world. In West Virgina the fire chief was fired for wearing a shirt that read All lives splatter and it depicted a car running over protestors.

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@jca2, @SEKA said nothing about an officer resigning. She said “fired” or “forced” to resign. Where I live, we had one newbie on the force who just didn’t fit in. He had a bad attitude & felt superior to all citizens. He was called in & asked to resign & he declined. A few days later, he was called in again & asked to resign. Again, he declined. On the 3rd request, he was told that he was going to be fired IF he didn’t resign. At that point, he turned in his “forced” resignation.

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@SEKA – that’s a piece of what happened in the Tamir Rice case in Cleveland. CPD didn’t follow through with his former city’s police department. He had been deemed “an emotionally unstable recruit and unfit for duty.” Three years later, he was fired from CPD for withholding the information on his application.

Something I want to see happen is the good cops start reporting the bad apples without fear of retribution. The balance between unions and management is out of kilter and I think police unions are far too powerful. I think it’s realistic to have that happen, if citizens will keep pushing the point.

Beyond that, everything that @cookieman said.

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