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Why doesn't D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser just tell the President and his administration to get out?

Asked by Yellowdog (12183points) June 7th, 2020

I was surprised last Friday to learn that Washington D.C. mayor Muriel Bowser ordered hotels to evict National Guards members who had come to get the rioting and looting under control, and has (or in the act of) changing the address of the White House from Pennsylvania Avenue to Black Lives Matter Plaza.

If she has the authority to order the military out of Washington D.C. then why not the White House?

If she does NOT have such authority, who will stop her?

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They got booted because ten City wasn’t going to pay for Utah National Guard to be housed in luxury hotels.

She is the Mayor of the City, the highest elected official in the District. It is not Trump’s fiefdom. He is not even a resident, he is a Florida resident. He doesn’t get to call the shots on policing the City.

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Her authority to expel the soldiers comes from the Third Amendment as interpreted in Engblom v. Carey (1982). That authority does not extend to civilians or civilian leaders, including the President of the United States (who remains a civilian and holds no military rank despite being the commander-in-chief).

Also, Black Lives Matter Plaza is a two block section of 16th Street NW, not Pennsylvania Avenue.

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Rename Pennsylvania Avenue to Barack Hussein Obama Avenue.
That will help get a point across.

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@dabbler: “Rename Pennsylvania Avenue to Barack Hussein Obama Avenue.
That will help get a point across.”

What point is that?

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@hmmmmmm (Black Lives Matter)

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I think it would be hilarious IF Mayor Bowser ran for President & won. Not only would trump be out…he be ousted by a black female!!! LoL

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@Yellowdog: The Mayor of DC has no authority over the White House, which is federal property.

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The seat of government resides there. Where would they go??

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She won’t do that I think. She does not think like a TV show host starving for ratings.

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Wait, I just read the informative posts above. ( Thank you! )

After reading some news that there were no “troops” in DC last Saturday I thought trump made that happen. That after Gen. Mattis, Gen. Colin Powell and other Republicans criticized him he finally saw the light! ( yeah right )

So it wasn’t him but Mayor Bowser? Well, if that’s the case then that’s just…awesome.

What would the TV show host twitterer would tweet about now and do for his next circus act?

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