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What do you like about "Robot and Frank"?

Asked by luigirovatti (2321points) June 9th, 2020

It’s kinda good, really, it talks about an old man who strikes a friendship with a robot, and, later, makes a heist. Sadly, the memory of the robot is wiped to ensure his safety. Anyway, tell me if this quote about holographic array memory is true or not:

“My memory is a holographic array. If I lost half of it, I’d still have every memory, just with half the resolution.”

This is a question open also to experts in AI.

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Whatever this is I’ve never heard of it, let alone seen/read/played/whatever it. Therefore I cannot say what, if anything, I may or may not like about it.

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Love this movie, and was glad someone on Fluther mentioned it, but it’s too bad that you spoiled the movie.

I really liked Frank Langella’s performance

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What robot? Who is Frank?

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@rockfan: I guess I supposed the only people who read that question were the ones who would answer it.

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