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Is there such a thing as a lawyer who focuses on the psychology side of law?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19453points) June 20th, 2020

Like a mental competency lawer?

Also to skip years of school can you suggest a book to read instead? Preferably on To see if I am interested.
Just the flavor of the week for me.

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Edited: I found one good book on Crime, Punishment, and Mental Illness for $35. Will order it when It is in my budget. If I am still interested.

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You cannot skip years of school. If you want to do something as a career you’re going to have to put in the work. This has been explained many times to you. Not sure why you persist in the fantasy that you can somehow shoot right into career and financial success with little to no effort on your part.

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@Darth_Algar Edited: Career searching is my hobby. I don’t want a career just yet. Still having fun for now.
Just the flavor of the week for me.

Someone close to me suggested that the career that I want hasn’t been invented yet.

It’s either I dream or I face the reality that I am on disability for life.

Also this saying:
rat Is trapped in a bowl of milk and swims and never gives up then it makes cream from milk and escapes.

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Well in the time you’ve spent career searching for fun the time to actually establish a career has just about passed for you.

I mean it’s your life, so if that’s how you want to spend it then more power to you. I just hope you truly understand that there are no shortcuts and, at your age, the career clock is just about out for you.

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There are evaluations of mental competency in the US. Often people use the insanity defense to get a reduced or lighter sentence.

I’ve been told that people who tell other people their dreams will never come true are scum. So I wish you success on your personal journey.

I’m not sure about the disability there, but here you can make a certain amount working, on top of disability to supplement your income. Maybe you could try a few different things and see if you enjoy it? Since we’ve discussed your financial situation perhaps you could work at a peer ran mental health venter and help yourself as well as others!

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I would think that it would be more likely to find a psychologist who focuses on criminal behavior.

If fantasizing keeps you happy and you are aware of what you are doing, then keep at it. I am just concerned that you are going to wake up one day and think, OMG, I have wasted my entire life!

I would suggest setting modest goals and work at achieving them. @KNOWITALL had a good suggestion. Have you taken any online courses? There are plenty available from top universities that can be taken for free.

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That wouldn’t make any sense and would not make for much of a lawyer.

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To answer your question: no, there isn’t that specialty. That is why lawyers hire expert witnesses to explain things in court. A good lawyer with a practice in dealing with mental health evaluations would find the best psychologist available.

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