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What do you think about a world without privacy and constantly connected?

Asked by luigirovatti (2863points) June 21st, 2020

Don’t be offended, but I want to know more about the positive aspects, the negative ones are self-evident, you know.

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I would get prompt medical attention if I ever needed an ambulance. Instead of dying alone and being found weeks later.

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@luigirovatti Being connected would mean that people would know very fast If I needed medical attention. My health stats would be known.

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Basically, it would be a sewer.

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It would be like being a kid living with your parents, who rifle through all of your things, despite your repeated protestations. Horrible!

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Its just as predicted in “Big Brother” predictions.
Privacy is compromised and under constant surveillance.

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Positive: If you are lost they can track your whereabouts easier.

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I would and indeed HAVE opted out of that world. I live in a place where we do not have surveillance cameras on every street corner. I have no data on my cell, I had my cell’s GPS deactivated and there is no GPS in my vehicle. I pay cash pretty much everytime and I have to admit, all this combined lets me enjoy my privacy a great deal. If someone wants to be connected full time so that they may be located in a medical emergency (and they are able to connect with emergency services to let them know that he/she is in fact in trouble) then that individual should probably ensure that they are trackable by the powers that be.

I’ll take my chances and enjoy my little world of anonymity where only those I choose to let into it know my whereabouts or activities. Is this dangerous in some way to my well being? Maybe, but to quote the lyrics of that old song; “It’s the heart afraid of dying that never learns to live”.

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^ I have read on numerous technology sites that you can’t deactivate your GPS. You’re allowed to show it cut off, but you can shut the phone off and take out the battery and the government can still track you down to the chair you’re sitting in.

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^^^ @SEKA Think you are making that up. ^^^^

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@Tropical_Willie I wouldn’t lie about that. It scared the hell out of me. Prove me wrong and I’ll feel better

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You are making it up !

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