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What more could go bad for the Mueller investigation?

Asked by seawulf575 (14396points) June 28th, 2020

Along with the FISA court slamming the FBI for FISA warrant abnormalities, the Steele Dossier being identified as Russian disinformation, now one of their key witnesses, George Nader, is showing up in all sorts of bad news. Not only did he get convicted of child sex charges, but he is also now named in a 53 count indictment for illegally funneling millions into Hillary’s campaign. With all this being wrong with the pieces and parts of the Mueller investigation, can anything it came up with be considered valid anymore?

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Well. The case is closed, right?

Plus. I think we probably both agree, the all campaigns, have shady dealings…

I’m not OK with that, but there are probably dozens of infractions, with every campaign.

Should each campaign, be investigated, at tax payer’s expense?. ..

The end result would likely disqualify, every POTUS. What then?

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Mueller instigated the conviction. Mueller’s team found child porn on Nader’s phone while they were looking at Nader’s work with Trump’s transition team and campaign.

Trump’s people embraced Nader and the Trump team overrode Secret Service objections to allow known child molester George Nader a meeting with Trump in 2017.

Rolling Stone “Nader was a part of President Donald Trump’s 2016 election circle and met with officials and associates of Trump in 2017.

“Nader drew the attention of Mueller because he organized a meeting between Trump supporter and associate Erik Prince and a Russian banker with close connections to President Vladimir Putin.

“According to CNN, Nader played an important role in the Russian investigation. He attended meetings with Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, former chief strategist Steve Bannon and former national security adviser Michael Flynn”

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^Pardon me, as I die, of shock…

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@Call_Me_Jay I understand the media spin of Nader, but it is now out that not only was he a child molester, but he was also a big Hillary Clinton donor. An illegal donor, apparantly. So his testimony is suddenly very suspect…just as the Steele Dossier which was opposition research for Hillary Clinton…and is possibly as big a lie. The Mueller investigation was predicated on several ideas: that the Steele Dossier was verified prior to being used for FISA warrants, and that people like Nader were the actual characters they were portraying. Mueller did absolutely nothing to validate either, but went with it. Now all the cornerstones of his investigation are turning out to be completely bogus. Combine that with the case against Carter Page and Michael Flynn falling apart, it looks like much of the “gotcha” things that came out are also flawed. All those millions of dollars spent on his investigation appear to have been used to line peoples’ pockets, but producing nothing really pertinent.

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