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How will it affect the US if the EU bans Americans from traveling there?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (20613points) June 28th, 2020

The EU is considering banning US citizens from traveling there due to the US’s poor attempt at getting covid19 under control.

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If anything the people will travel within the States and thus stimulate the economy.

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No change to my life at all.

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Keep those tourist dollars home

Anyway, been to Paris lately? Sort of like San Francisco has become
Italy? Little China- talk about Covid

Hold off for a while. Soon enough they will be paying you to come and spend money

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@josie That’s not how it works, there is a pandemic going on, they don’t want dead citizens in their country. They are controlling the spread or COVID-19 not like Arizona, South Carolina, Florida, Texas and California that have spiked. They’ll never pay you to go as a tourist.

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Gotta love the America-first, arrogant comments.

The EU countries are concerned about the health of their citizens. They get plenty of tourism money from each other and other countries like Canada. But this doesn’t just effect tourism. There’s plenty of Americans who fly to Europe for business, to teach, for school, and to see family regularly. Many churches, colleges and universities have counterparts in Europe whom they travel to.

Crazy right. That some Americans might have part of their life outside of the big ole US of A. ~

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The countries that are being banned from traveling to the EU will be re-evaluated every 14 days. The ban may be lifted if a country’s Coronavirus cases drop; other countries may be added to the list. It’s one more way to attempt to control the spread.

@cookieman That’s a valid point. People don’t travel to EU just for leisure.

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