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Why would some people not believe the Pandemic is real?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (18887points) 1 month ago

This Covid19 seems to be more than just a flu, now they are finding it can have lasting side affects in it’s victims.
Why would people actually think this not a global health crisis?

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It is a part of bio-diversity. Apparently Covid-19 is going to be a dry run for the next virus.
This time can we stop hording toilet paper, and cleaning supplies? Also can we make more comfortable masks and get used to wearing one? Social distancing and 20 second hand washing should be considered normal by now.

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Some people think science is fake, the Earth is flat and they are smarter than all the Generals and Scientists.

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Because Fox News tell them it isn’t real.

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It does seem to point that way,Fox and ole orange hair.

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Yesterday I ventured into town, and ran into several people who were saying this is a giant hoax, and that they wouldn’t wear masks because it increases the amount of carbon dioxide you breathe in.
Mr. Darwin to the white courtesy phone…

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Why do some people believe the earth is flat? Or the Holocaust never happened? Or the moon landing was fake?

Because they’re fucking ignorant morons who don’t have the good sense and humility to know what they don’t know.

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This is the second question I’ve seen that seems to imply there are a lot of people out there that believe this isn’t real. I’ve never met a single person that believes it is all fake. I believe it is man-made, but not fake. I believe some of our actions are idiotic, but not that the disease is fake. And I’m one of the more cynical people I know. So who are these mysterious “they” who believe Covid-19 isn’t real?

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@seawulf575, I believe you misread the question. @SQUEEKY2 doesn’t imply that people think Covid-19 isn’t real, he asks why people ”...would actually think this is not a global health crisis“.
And curious, @seawulf575, what is your scientific/research background that you think the virus is human made? Or do you have reputable scientific sources than you can link or recommend to support that?

Many people seem to believe that the numbers in the news are skewed for political purposes, although why they think news from respected international sources would skew their numbers and reports to serve some American political agenda I can’t figure.

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Because the information coming out is conflicting and that combined with the sensationalism and excessive panic perpetuated by most mainstream media fuels an already existing mistrust in things.
The people I know who don’t believe the virus is what we’re being told are all pretty reasonable, level people. Experience has shown them time and again that the news cries wolf and gets everyone into a hysterical panic over things that turn out to be nothing and they’re emotionally sick of it and skeptical of anything that is supposedly dire that doesn’t actually appear dire from their perspective.

It’s actually not that hard to understand if we avoid judging for a brief time and simply listen.

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I have a friend who, at first at least, thought it was all “hype.” That was the word he used, “hype.” What he thought “hype” was I do not know, but he must want to live his life in a bubble of ignorance, and he is ignorant of his bubble as well..

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What I’ve been most struck by is the persistence of the idea that “things like that don’t happen here.” A comforting thought Americans (and Canadians, btw) hold dear. Most people take action only when they can see the direct threat to themselves, but there’s a lot of ostrich behavior all round.

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I agree that disbelief in the fact of the disease is by now all but impossible. Our trouble is with the variation in the degree to which individuals are prepared to recognize the threat or take it seriously. And anytime this is the case in modern America—WE ARE IN BIG TROUBLE. To begin with, as usual, we were in no way prepared for this, and saddled with a President incapable of appreciating the threat or even the mechanics of contagion even when they are explained to him. Those of you here who tire of me directing attention to the fool when it comes to matters of failure underestimate just how critical competent leadership is in our situation. Attitudes regarding the threat of this disease aren’t allowed the luxury of thought that propelled the fool into office. This is a situation where only a scant minority of folks guessing wrong are capable of wreaking catastrophe upon us all. Where are we going? Well with 4% of the world’s population, we now have 20% of the casualties with 40,000 new cases daily.

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@canidmajor Yeah, semantics on the question. But here’s the rub…it is the second question about this concept…that people don’t think this is real. So either there is some drastic number of people out there that really don’t believe it is real, or the ones questioning are really into believing there are people out there. Otherwise, why even ask the question?
As for the belief it is man-made, I have said that from the start. And I believe our government knew about this virus before it hit the scene. Not from any article I read or from any show I watched….directly. It is from the reaction when this first started. I have lived through times where several major viruses have hit the world in my time….SARS, H1N1, Ebola, MERS, even the regular flu which kills tens of thousands every year in this country. And in all those cases, the reactions have been fairly constant. Warnings are put out, it is addressed on the evening news and in various public service announcements and there are discussions about what people can do to avoid getting it or where to get vaccinated or what the symptoms are. But the reaction to this virus was significantly different. It first hit Wuhan late in November. Before it had started popping up in other countries, there were already discussions about declaring a pandemic. When we had a grand total of 102 cases in this country, President Trump instituted the travel ban from China. There were even discussions at that time that this disease was not going to interfere with our presidential election. I remember Nancy Pelosi making a statement about that. So we have a virus that was killing people in Wuhan, but really no worse than SARS or ebola did, and suddenly we are battening down the hatches and talking about what its impact will be 11 months later. Meanwhile, its dreadfully contagious, but it doesn’t actually spread in China beyond Wuhan. ??? Magic? Or known threat that is treated as the killer it is known to be? Their (China’s) reaction was way different from previous diseases as well. Everything about the reaction to this has told me that this virus was known about, known what the contagion rate would be, what the symptoms would be, etc. The only thing we don’t have is a vaccine. I’m not sure China doesn’t have a vaccine, but they aren’t sharing with the rest of the world.

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None of your rhetoric, @seawulf575 does anything to back your claim that it is engineered. Your logic is simply conjecture.

And the other question was also about someone who didn’t believe it was as serious as the news made it out to be, not whether or not it existed.

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Actually @canidmajor it is right out of “Not my fault” playbook of the bad comb-over with orange make-up.

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@canidmajor Of course it’s conjecture. That’s why I said I believe. It is my opinion. That’s what that means…not that it is a fact. Had I stated It IS man-made, I would be backing it up with facts.
And the other question was What would you do or say to convince a Covid-19 skeptic that the pandemic is real? That isn’t whether it was as bad as it was made out to be or anything else. Compare that to this question. The questions are almost identical in that they are addressing people that don’t believe it is a real thing.

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And Mr Semantics himself is back. I had hoped (hahaha) that you had some backing for your theories, an article in a Scientific journal perhaps, that posited the theory, with some data attached. Not simply a conspiracy ladder.
Silly ol’ me.

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Well, shit. Guess I’ll have to do your research for you. I presented an opinion and you expect it to be backed with facts. Well okay, here you go. But maybe you think that is a bogus source, so I went to the original not that it will mean a fucking thing to you. But I know these are only virologists stating this. Not some liberal news outlet so it must be crap, eh?

Response moderated (Flame-Bait)
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@seawulf575 Thanks for posting these, they are interesting. You could have saved yourself a bunch of kerfuffle had you simply posted them before.

Just FYI, if you google it, you will find at least a dozen articles from reputable scientific sources, explaining why it’s not engineered in a lab. These are not “liberal press” examples.

Balance your perception.

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@canidmajor I had an opinion and didn’t really care to prove it. It made sense to me. I voiced that opinion. Maybe you could have saved a whole bunch of trouble if you hadn’t been so smarmy. And if you really are curious about if it is true or not, or if there is research out there, you, too, could have done the simple 2 minute search I did. Not to mention that you just made a claim that has no backing at all. I guess that means I can just chalk it up to liberal fear mongering, right? After all, you didn’t support your statements.

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@seawulf575, I just did the “2 minute search“, and couldn’t find even the two that you posted. I extended it to a 10 minute search, still nope.
But the point was, in my original post directed to you, that I was curious if you had scientific backing for your theory. If you thought that was smarmy, silly you, I was just honestly curious.

I don’t find most reputable scientific sources to be “liberal press”, I find them To be…well…scientific.

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Want the solution to why you couldn’t find my links? Because you are using Google. I had this discussion on a thread a couple years ago. Google gives mainly liberal results. If you search “Trump” on Google, out of the first 5 or 6 pages of results, you will find mainly liberal sources. You might find 2 or 3 conservative results. I don’t use Google. As long as you insist on using Google, you will be comfortably in the arms of the liberals only…never opening your mind to other views.
Your initial comment wasn’t the smarmy part. Neither was my response to it. I explained my view, especially since I had indicated it was my belief. THAT was when you started going smarmy. You continued on, building steam right up until I put you on the spot with sources I had never cared to look for before. Suddenly you are backing off your smarmy attitude and trying to act like it was all innocent. Silly you. Own it…be an honorable human.
The paper I cited to you (oh, and BTW, you haven’t cited anything to support your rhetoric so I will only assume it is either liberal trash talking points or a conspiracy ladder), was published in Cambridge University’s Quarterly Review of Biophysics. Guess that’s scientific enough, right?

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Oh, ffs, @seawulf575, I use more than google, (“google it” is an accepted generic term, kind of like “Kleenex” is for facial tissue) and the point (which you choose to miss) was that there are far more scientific studies refuting the “made in the lab” theory than supporting it.

And this is pointless, because you are so enmeshed in the liberal-bashing mindset than than opening to other possibilities (even those supported by good science) that you won’t reconsider.
You must have been effing nuts to get onto a submarine if you have such little faith in scientists.

And I’m out. This is just becoming an exercise in absurdity.

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@canidmajor Let’s see, aren’t you the one that started in by calling my opinions conspiracy ladders? Kinda funny that now you want to try saying it’s all me and, ta-DA, you’re out! Amazing. Oh, by the way, your liberal talking points are still showing since you have absolutely refused to give a citation to back up your bogus claim that there are far more scientific studies saying it isn’t man-made. Isn’t that also typical? You want citations, but don’t want to give them? But you’re out. And you are right…you made this an exercise in absurdity.

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This article claims it couldn’t have been man made…

I know you want to think it’s a bio weapon set on the world by the evil Chinese.
I know you want to freak on China for keeping it suppressed until they had to let the world know, but tell my do you not think the USA would have done almost the exact same thing if it had originated in the States?
Remember the last pandemic did originate from the USA.
Was that a bio weapon set on the world as well?

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@SQUEEKY2 So you are trying to cover for @canidmajor? To supply the refused citations? Okay. So what you are saying is that a BusinessInsider article is better than a scientific study and determining the truth? I will give you the same line @canidmajor gave to me: I had hoped (hahaha) that you had some backing for your theories, an article in a Scientific journal perhaps, that posited the theory, with some data attached. BusinessInsider is not a scientific journal, and there is no data attached. Try again.

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You’re right it’s from the evil Chinese we should go all out war right now, that what you want to hear?
Your country did have warning this was coming and chose to do nothing, and DO NOT go on about how he put a travel ban on right away, look how well that worked.
Other countries got it under control pretty good but not you guys.
And your orange hair god still refuses to take any responsibility , only blaming the dems for anything that has to do with Covid19. Now the Don Father doesn’t even want to talk about it, going as far as wanting testing to slow down so the numbers don’t look so bad.
OF course you are going to find fright wing sites that will say it is a man made virus , how about showing a liberal site that says its a man made virus?

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I’m not afraid in the least of something that has less than ½ of 1 percent of killing me.

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1% would mean 328 thousand dead in the United States today. That’s just the problem. The belief that those odds will remain stable or improve as the infections climb.

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@SQUEEKY2 Once again, you are going way overboard. Being man-made, probably from a Chinese lab, does not equate to going to all out war. I understand your TDS is flaring up, but take a deep breath and let your pulse settle down. I showed a study from a combined British and Norwegian team. I showed an article from Taiwan News and I showed the report that was published in a Cambridge University review. Somehow you view this as “fright wing”, a term that apparently describes your view of anything not uber-liberal. You want a liberal site…you find it. And when you can’t, maybe you should ask the question why not? There are conflicting views on this to be sure, but HONEST journalism should show both sides, not just one, and a controlled one at that.

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I know this a science but there is no proof just conspiracy theories ! Scientists: ‘Exactly zero’ evidence COVID-19 came from a lab Only old orange make-up with the bad comb-over keeps the conspiracy theories going.

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@Tropical_Willie You are hopeless. I have given an actual scientific study as a citation to @canidmajor. Now I understand that goes against your narrative and the citations came after your last lame attempt to slam Trump. But go back up a few of my comments to where there are citations in a response to @canidmajor and there you go. So basically, your entire comment if false. It is NOT a conspiracy theory and there is science behind it. Maybe if you weren’t so obsessed with slamming Trump, you might actually find time to open your mind and question things a little!

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Okay your “Science” is make believe and you don’t like real science !

I understand !

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@Tropical_Willie “My” science isn’t mine. I cited a British and Norwegian team of virologists’ work. But I guess you know more than virologists. Because CNN tells you so.

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Sorry I listen to the CDC !

WHAT you say was that Russian ! !

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So you didn’t bother to actually look at the citations I offered. Too bad…you might have learned something. If you happened to look at the dates on the citations, you might have seen mine was about 3 months newer than what you were looking at. So while there may not have been evidence back in March, it could have been found by June. But I know you love your conspiracy theory. Trump/Russia are the source of everything that contradicts CNN. Carry on.

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Russia mafia paid for several of the Trump Resorts when he could not get loans in the USA because of bankruptcies. Not just on CNN . . . common knowledge.

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Thank you for proving how bizarrely obsessed you are. We were discussing the Covid-19 pandemic and virus. We were discussing the scientific evidence of whether or not the virus was man-made. You can’t get away from your Trump/Russia obsession. Seek help.

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Okay so I’m correct and you brush it off.

Deflect much “Too bad…you might have learned something”

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