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Do you personally know someone who has had Covid-19?

Asked by Mama_Cakes (11060points) June 29th, 2020 from iPhone

Family member, friend, coworker or acquaintance?

From Canada here, and my Uncle from Michigan passed away from it. He was in long-term care. My cousin was hospitalized, and my friend’s father passed away from it.

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My daughter’s friend had it, he works in a care home for the elderly & so came as no great surprise, he recovered.

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My husband and I think we had it back at the end of January. We have not been tested though.
I’m sorry about your uncle.

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No. I know of people, but they’re 2— or 3— connections away.

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@Mama_Cakes Maybe I should have said, I’ve known the kid since he was very young.
They went through school together right from the start & he’s a good friend of the family.

phew…that’s me covered ;-}

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It finally happened. I learned on Friday that our friend has been diagnosed. He is apparently toughing it out and doing ok.

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I was on the Grand Princess, and was quarantined at Travis following the cruise.
The ship had 2000 travelers, and 1400 crew. 110 of these souls are documented as having it. At least 7 died.
I remember one of our two waiters was sick just before quarantine. I don’t know for sure that she had it.
I saw my cardiologist a couple months ago for my annual visit. He said my heart wall was 2% weaker than last year, and he speculated that I had it without knowing.

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I’ve had acquaitances who have had it and a former classmate died from it.

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I think Rick and I got it in February, before they were testing. I was having a hard time breathing, and that always freaks me out, so I went in to the ER. They did some blood work, blah blah. The end diagnosis was “Some kind of virus.”
Then I went home and we both recovered.
Other than that, no, I don’t know of anyone that had it for sure.

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A lady at my church who takes care of the infants-2 y/o kids nursery decided to get tested and tested positive. She’s had no symptoms. Anybody who had been near her has also been tested and every last one of them tested negative. I’m wondering if she didn’t receive a false positive. When I went into self-isolation, I stopped going to church. I can worship from home and assuming that she really has it, I feel I made the right choice

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So have you had yourself tested for either the virus or the antibodies @filmfann? As contagious as it is, I’d find it amazing if you and your wife didn’t get it. Must have been the quilts driving it away.

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My cousin and her fiance just recovered, another friend is currently sick. One friend’s father was in ICU a very long time but he’s fully recovered now, another friend lost her MIL and FIL in the same week. Very sad. A few acquaintances that I know have also had it, but those are not people I’m close with.

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Do you know what their symptoms were?

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A good friend of mine from high school. He and his boyfriend were just diagnosed. There have been two positive cases where my husband works as well.

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The hostess where I eat my lunch every day commented that her son works at the local hospital and he had 31 covid patients to take care of on Friday. He was concerned about bringing it home to his family. Now I’m concerned that he’s going to bring it home to her (he lives in her house) and she might bring it into work passing it on to all her customers. I try to give her the exact change every day so I don’t have to worry about getting contaminated money back in my change!!!

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My mother-in-law works in an ER in New York. She and her husband both got it back in late January.

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How did they know what it was that far back @SavoirFaire? They weren’t testing then. Or is it like me…I suspect that’s what I had in February.

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No, not one, and I’ve been paying attention. I live in one of the original hot spots, the first U.S. county where shelter-in-place was ordered. There have been no ambulances in my neighborhood, no word of any cases nearby, no disappearing neighbors that I know of, and no news relayed by friends.

I also have a number of relatives on the East Coast, including one who works at a major Boston hospital, and again, no news of infections.

We’re all being very careful, and it’s nice if that’s working, but I still find it surprising that in four months not a single person in my range of direct acquaintance has come down with it.

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My SIL’s elderly aunt that was in a nursing home died from it.
Other than that, no. And I work at a small hospital with a much larger sister hospital where none of 400 or so employees have gotten it.

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Nephew is a doctor in Oakland. Got it, but recovered.

Our across the street neighbor, FIL died. Our next door neighbor, both parents got it and recovered.

College roommate’s parents got it, both recovered. Her sister is a doctor in Orange County and just tested positive last Monday.

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I’m sorry for all of your losses. :(

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No. Friends of friends, relatives of friends, clients of relatives, but nobody personally as far as I know. Some of the people who had it have passed away from it, and what has made it extra sad is that they couldn’t have a “regular” funeral because of prohibitions on large gatherings.

I work very close to the area in NY where the first case was, and the first person who had it is a neighbor of my very good friend. That was right in mid-March, and was very alarming for all of us, especially because I work in local government, so not only was the neighbor of my friend’s coworker exposed, but the government I work for had to respond and deal with it since it was now a health crisis for the entire County. The neighbor had been to several large gatherings at the Temple where they both worshipped, and so they were all exposed. Then another neighbor drove that man to the hospital, and then the driver got it from being in the car with him.

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Fortunately, no. Two friends have died in the last two months; neither from COVID-19. One had a heart attack. The other was shot by the police in his back yard.

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^^ That’s awful!

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@Dutchess_III They didn’t know at the time. But when they got tested for past infections, they both had the antibodies.

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Yes. My baptismal godfather. He died weeks ago. Dead before his time because of the idiotic piece of turd in the White House.

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My best friend, who lives here in CA, is originally (20 years back) from Long Island. She has had 12 friends, and 3 family members die of Covid 19. Long Island was one of the first places hit, and they got hit hard.

Another friend has a daughter in Nevada. She and her co-workers work at a medical facility. 4 days ago, one of the co-workers tested positive, and the entire staff who had been in contact with that person was ordered to isolate. As of this morning, my friend’s daughter tested negative. I haven’t heard the status of the other people, or the person who first tested positive.

I’m pretty sure two of my 50 something friends had it back in January, but neither of them were tested. I’ve heard of quite a few people in the LA area having “lingering mystery illnesses” that involved a lot of coughing and flu-like symptoms for several months, even as early as last October. One of these friends used to work as an Uber driver and routinely picked up international passengers at LAX. The other one (both of these people are friends with each other) works at a church an had contact with lots of people. But up until around March, no one knew to quarantine and there were no tests, and getting tested now, even, is not easy.

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Oh I forgot about another couple I know, friends, who had it and recovered as well. I guess I’ve known a good number of people who have had it. Thankfully the majority were very mild.

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