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Have you heard about the black bear journeying through western Illinois along the Mississippi?

Asked by Jonsblond (5797points) 2 days ago from iPhone

His name is Bruno. He was first noticed in SW Wisconsin about 4 weeks ago. He was traveling south.

Bruno entered northern Illinois. He crossed the Mississippi River into NE Iowa then crossed the river again, back into Illinois. He is now traveling south along the river.

Bruno is expected to cross the river again any moment now where he can then venture south to the Mark Twain National Forest that also has a black bear population.

Here’s a news article:

There’s also a Facebook group named Keep Bruno Safe that you can join if you are interested in his journey.

The amazing thing about all of this is the DNR, Illinois State Police and other organizations are making sure Bruno is safe. The Facebook group is helping track Bruno and authorities are using this information to keep onlookers and traffic at a safe distance.

Bruno is giving a lot of people hope right now during a difficult time for all of us. I hope some of you will appreciate his story. :)

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I have now!
I agree, It’s a heartening, feel good story & hope Bruno reaches his pals safely at the MTNF.

Black Bears Matter ;-}

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That’s a really nice story and you’re right — Hope is desperately needed right now. Go Bruno!

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I hope he makes it alright.

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Aww. I love this story.

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This is so great! Thanks for sharing!

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(But “bruno” means brown.)

Do they think there’s any way he could know there’s a black bear population ahead? A kind of bear-scented railway, so to speak?

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If Bruno has his bearings, he’ll know where there’s a black bear population. ;-)

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Love the story, but have to wonder what prompted Bruno to make the journey. Also, how is he managing to feed himself? Can a bear go for four weeks without food?

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Bruno has safely made it across the Mississippi River and is now in Missouri! If I come across video I’ll share it. I had to work tonight and I just got home and so the update on Facebook.

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@LostInParadise, why would he be going without food? He’s probably been feeding himself since he was a cub.

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@LostInParadise Bears eat all sorts of things. Bugs, small rodents, berries, other plant life and the inside of bark.

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And fish. Which might be found in rivers.

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@Jeruba I’ve learned so much about bears since I became aware of his journey. It’s believed that he left Wisconsin because there is a growing wolf population in the northern part of the state. The experts believe that bears have an instinct and they somehow know how to find their way to other bear populations.

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@Jonsblond, interesting. Also possible: he’s following the same signs that led them there. That is, maybe he’s not finding his way to them so much as doing the same thing they did before him.

Sort of like the quote of Basho: “Do not seek to follow in the footsteps of the wise; seek what they sought.”

And who knows? Maybe he’s a scout.

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Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I have had two run ins with black bears while camping in the past month, one of them particularly horrifying, and while I now have a bit more of a fear of them, I still respect them so much. They are such big beautiful creatures. I wish humans weren’t such slobs and could stop contributing to the deaths of so many of these animals.

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@LostInParadise why would you think he’s going without food?

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If he is wandering mainly outside of forests, I thought there may be difficulty in finding something to eat. From what people have said, a bear’s diet is fairly flexible, so it probably did not have much difficulty.

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He’s in Missouri now. We seem to have lost contact with him at the moment.

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Apparently he’s been on an island in the Mississippi since yesterday afternoon and there are storms in the area. The current might be too strong for him to leave the other side of the island. Someone spotted him today on the edge and then he went back into the woods. He could just be taking a much needed break from traveling.

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It is confirmed he made it to the Missouri side of the island safely. From what I’ve read he crossed the river unnoticed. What a clever guy!

Here’s a map someone made of his journey. It was made two days ago so it doesn’t include his path across the river today.

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Is he headed to Arkansas?

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