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Would you help a friend make a risky choice?

Asked by Gremlin (170points) 1 month ago

A friend wants to go on vacation. She asked me to cat-sit. If I don’t chances are she’ll postpone her trip. I care about her and she’s planning to go to a region that’s been hit by COVID-19 (pretty badly). The travel time will be spent in close proximity to strangers too.

I’m pretty sure my tendency to influence her is manipulative. I don’t like that. But: I feel like I’m taking on part of the responsibility by making her plans possible. I can’t bear that. I want her to be safe. And yes I’ve told her my concerns.


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Well, I’d ask her to find someone else to cat sit.

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If they asked me.

KNOWITALL's avatar’s her choice. I’d watch the cat and drop it off outside with no contact with the friend and wish her the best.

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Why would you do that to the cat @KNOWITALL?

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Drop it off outside with no contact.

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@Dutchess_III I wouldnt want contact post trip with the traveller. I’m not sure what harm to the cat you are speculating about. The owner would be waiting in the house.

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You aren’t making any sense @KNOWITALL.

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@Dutchess_III It’s not a difficult concept, no contact drop off. smh

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I read it as you suggesting you’ll say you’ll watch the cat but instead you’ll just dump it outside and not bother to tell the owner. If he’s a inside cat that’s basically a death warrent.

 I’d watch the cat and drop it off outside with no contact with the friend and wish her the best.

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You’re talking abou physical contact. I was reading “communication,” like you were just gonna dump the cat outside and not tell the owner! Really had me scratching my head…

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@Dutchess_lll I could tell what you were thinking but I couldn’t find the words to help. :)

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