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Do you have faith in your salt and pepper shakers?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (17117points) 1 month ago

That some actually comes out? Or do you check on your hand? I do. The last bits I use on faith.

Humor welcome.

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I check the salt, I don’t check the pepper. I use black pepper so I can easily see it on the food.

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It is rare that either are used once the food is cooked/served.

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I use a one-handed salt & pepper mill.Both have a small light on the bottom so I can see IF the mill is working properly. I can’t hold my hand under it to verify, so I salt by faith…not by sight!!! ;}

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If your shakers the ones that you purchase off the shelf at the grocery store are left open , it hardens , so close it and give it a hard shake to break it up and it will work again.
( those are the ones made out of hard cardboard).

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