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Why would a guy lie about having sex with me? Why did he choose me of all girls at school?

Asked by anonymoususer9 (19points) 3 weeks ago from iPhone

I never did anything to him so why’s he targeting me?

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Guys pulled that shit on me all time. It means he wishes he could have sex with you.

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What @Dutchess_lll said, and he’s an asshole. Sadly, there’s a lot of them out there. I’m sorry that’s happening to you.

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You should tell people that he wasn’t any good.

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And that he has a teeny weenie.

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I would be careful with my drink for the next couple of parties that he is around you. Just in case he tries to rufee drug you. I would tell an adult or counselor soon about your issues. It sounds like you have a sexual harassment complaint that could be filed.

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To get brownie points with his buddies, and to pronounce to others that you are his?
Gloating that he tapped that one (you) as if its a badge of honor or accomplishment on his part?

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He must see you as the most desirable, the most beautiful, the sexiest girl in school. He may think that all the other boys in school think so, too, and he wants to make them jealous.
If I were you, I walk up to him, IN SCHOOL, with lots of people watching, and slap the crap out of him, and then loudly chew him out (without being specific about just what he may have said) for the untrue things he has been saying about you. Both boys and girls will respect the heck out of you for doing so.

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^^^ Bad advice. You’re liable to get the shit beat out of you.
Honey, I’ve been there. Pretty sure most girls have. Boys and men have a preoccupation with sex that’s hard to understand.
Just hold your head high. He’s not worth any effort. If someone asks you directly simply say it’s not true.
It’ll get easier after high school.

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W’hy do you care what he said? It could be one of 2 things. Maybe he respects you and feels that it’s nobody’s business so he chose to deny it to protect your reputation. Or maybe one of the guys was making fun of the fact that he had sex with you and he denied it to protect his reputation.

I think it would have been a lot worse if he had bragged about how good you are in bed. Of course, there is a 3rd option. All the guys were saying they wanted to have sex with you and he wants to keep you all to himself. I definitely wouldn’t slap him or even acknowledge that I cared that he denied our night of passion. I’d just assume that he had his reasons and assume them to be an honorable reason

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She didn’t have sex with him or any other boy.

And she cares because, for a girl, getting a “reputation” in high school opens up a world of hurt for the girl whether it’s true or not.

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You might not do the slapping part, it’s your choice.
Like @Dutchess_lll said: “Boys and men have a preoccupation with sex that’s hard to understand.” This is something that I’ve tried to point out to @Dutchess_lll many times. Women may find a man’s sex drive hard to understand, but men sure don’t. We’re hard wired for it. We’re obsessed with it. We think about it all the time. @Dutchess_lll can’t see that, so don’t assume her advice is the gospel truth on the subject of men and men’s sex drive. She has clearly admitted it here that she doesn’t understand it.

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He wants to make himself look good in front of his friends at the expense of your reputation.
He is a pathetic weakling.

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I’d shame him publicly.

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What are you carrying on @kriptner? I said I didn’t understand it. I didn’t say it doesn’t exist.

Men seem to have a hard time understanding how women don’t share their infatuation with their penis.

PS. I slapped a man once. He knocked me clear across the room.

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I’m gonna go on record here and suggest no hitting.

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You say….
Either he’s an asshole, or you are the most believable.
No way for me to know.

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Question is only one word away from not being chauvinist..

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@Josie, when it comes to sex some men can totally be assholes and that includes lying. In high school a few guys lied about me to gain brownie points in the locker room.

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Women on the other hand…

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