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What are some good quality of big and tall products to buy to replace, and pare down my stuff?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (17114points) 3 weeks ago

I have plenty clothes, and books that I would like to replace with something better .

Like lots of size 13 socks and XXL underwear and shirts.

I would like to buy excellent clothes and reference books to replace with something better. Does not have to be cheap.

Why? I watched many episodes of Horders. Also I am spring cleaning .

What are some more tips in de-cluttering my apartment? I would like to pair down to a backpack of stuff and furniture. I am going through papers, junk mail, and receipts.

If you where to start from scratch what would you fill up a backpack with.

I am willing to put most of my stuff in a storage locker, or to sell, or give away. Can you recommend one in Red Deer Alberta?

May you please suggest a book, or YouTube video, on pairing down stuff or tips

Advice like give away appliances that I have not used in a year is welcome.

Humor not welcome for this question.
I would like to have everything I need in one back pack, and to sell most of my other stuff or give away.

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Most of my clothing comes from Wal-Mart and a big and tall store in the south side of Red Deer. I would like durable excellently made clothing, warm in winter and cool in summer. I would like you to recommend a portable computer or device that stores all my future e-books.

I would also like storage solutions, for my stuff and a place to dontate or sell my stuff.

I have too much stuff. I would like everything I owned to be sorted out for only what I need. For eazy access.

I have an electric toaster that I don’t use. How do I sell or donate to?

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What is a good dictionary and thesaurus in paperback, for writing diploma exams.

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As for your clothing – you’re probably better off asking a clerk at the store you shop at. They’d have a much better idea that we would. And they’d be able to help you, in person, to find what meets your needs and fits your budget.

As for a storage unit – look in your local directory. Honestly, I still don’t know why you expect any of us to know what’s in your neighborhood. I mean I’m like 1,700 miles away from Red Deer. You live there. You’re going to have a much better idea of what’s around your town than I would.

As for e-book – you can’t go wrong with an Amazon Kindle. I would recommend one that’s backlit.

AS for giving all your stuff away until you can fit it in one backpack – not sure why you suddenly feel that need, but I’d recommend sleeping on it a few nights before acting on that impulse. Otherwise you’re likely to get rid of stuff you’ll find yourself wanting now that you don’t have it, and will end up spending a lot of money just to rebuy the shit you once owned.

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@Darth_Algar I have a $50 kindle somewhere in my apartment. I will try it first and save the $400.

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@Darth_Algar I can’t find it. I must have given it away or tossed in the trash.

I have a pc desktop computer with a TB of rom. I will use that first.

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There is a catalog called Big and Tall. My son was six feet six inches tall and we were able to get a nice selection of clothes, shoes for him. And, many popular caalogs have a big and tall section as well. Eddie Bauer and others. Many of the finer stores have a section with extended sizes. Try Nordstroms.

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A backpack is too small. You need at least one chair to sit on, and that won’t fit in a backpack.

Wanting to simplify is a worthy goal. Start by cleaning out your drawers. Throw away all receipts older than a month. Throw away any catalogue older than a month. If you have something that’s paper, and it’s old, decide if it’s really necessary. Keep letters from the government that have anything to do with your financial benefits.

Next go through your winter clothes. Give away any clothing that you did not wear last winter. Make sure you have enough clothing to wear fresh clothes every day for a week. Do the same thing with your clothes for warm weather. Keep enough for at least a week.

Start with those 2 ideas.

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Have you considered putting all your belongings in a storage unit and then go for a month with nothing to see what it is that you actually need out of what you already have? You could keep a minimal amount of clothes to get you started, then decide whether to buy something new or pull something out of storage. That way, if it won’t fit in a back pack then you’ll know that you don’t really need it. Once you know for sure what you need and what you need to get rid of, you can have a storage unit sale and sell anything that you’ve determined you don’t actually need

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@SEKA Thanks. No. Good idea. I am down to mostly useful papers, office supplies, clothes, books and electronics/dvd’s. Even my PVR is full. I am considering canceling my cable after the elections in Canada and USA, in November. I will keep my internet.

I chucked 2 large garbage bags full of menus and papers/ect. Also I got rid of a tower of boxes that was a fire hazard.

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Sounds like you’ve almost got it under control. Good going

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