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So would you describe the current pandemic as out of control within the United States?

Asked by stanleybmanly (24123points) July 22nd, 2020 from iPhone

If not, then what is your description?

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Out of control implies that actual effort is being expended to control it.
I would call it a capitulation. A surrender.

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I think right now it is possibly coming back under control, but not really there yet. In my state for instance daily positives have stabilized, but still very high. On average it’s 10,000 new cases daily over the last couple of weeks. Deaths are going up now, we know that is a trailing number, it usually takes people a couple of weeks to die.

I can’t say it is actually under control though, because really under control to me would mean as outbreaks begin they are slammed down on, and right now test results are too slow and infected people continue to walk around even though they shouldn’t be. People either don’t understand the quarantine guidance or don’t care.

For a few weeks I felt like a lot of people in the US had decided covid is here and it’s futile and annoying to try to control it. That was very frustrating. They seem completely unaware other countries have controlled it. I’m hoping now that Trump has seemed mask wearing a good thing we will maybe have a shift. I’m curious to see if mask wearing increases and if Governors put in more mask orders. In my state almost all large store chains have now put in mask requirements for customers starting this week, so I guess that saves the governors from having to do it.

I’m waiting to see if my state now has a decrease in new cases over the next couple of weeks.

The US seems to be treatment minded rather than prevention minded. This is typical of so many thing in my country. What I mean is people finally put on masks and change behaviors when the cases are rising out of control, instead of just being ahead of the ball and just behaving prudently to begin with. People won’t sacrifice a tiny bit to avoid big pains. It’s ridiculous.

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No. Our president is out of control but the various local governments are doing what they can to contain it, in spite of the Supreme Idiot.

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I’d say it’s semi out of control in my state. Numbers are amping up due to the re-opening and local governments are not issuing masking policies, rather leaving it to individuals and business owners to decide for themselves.

Frankly we all knew that after 4th of July they’d ramp up, so I’m not at all surprised. And graphs show a surge after that holiday here, dramatically.

In my particular county, 860 confirmed, 9 deaths. But urban areas are getting hit harder.

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It’s seems to under control in the Northeast but how long that will last, I don’t know.

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We’re not under control in my state but close it is still going up in cases.

GOP run state congress wants to open all the bars which have been closed. They tried overriding the Democratic Governor’s edict which is backed by science. Worst place is a bar; singularly the most likely place to transmit COVID-19 or any virus.

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Sorry for the typos. Too late to edit

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@Tropical_Willie I will agree with you on the bars, they shouldn’t be open. We get daily case reports still and many are going to multiple bars, out to dinner, the cursed Walmart, and just acting like everything’s normal. While they are symptomatic and not masked. It’s very selfish, but pretty much what I expected from my fellow Americans.

My generation (X) and later generations haven’t had to sacrifice much of anything for the greater good. Apparently they aren’t prepared to do so even now.

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To be fair, having to wear a mask is a tremendous burden, that makes even the carnage at the Ostfront pale in comparison.

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@KNOWITALL I can’t tell you how many stories I hear about people not feeling well and still going out into public. What is wrong with people? I had a problem with this before covid, but now I really don’t get it.

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@JLeslie I truly don’t get it.

We have a meme going around here, that says something like “I’m wearing a mask to prevent any illness I have and can’t see from passing to anyone else. Sometimes I wonder who raised some of ya’ll.”

There’s clearly some portion of society that is hell bent on doing what they want with total disregard for others. The daily report is astounding, many have no less than 10 outings per week, while I feel blessed just to go to the grocery store once a week and straight back home. Sigh.

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@KNOWITALL You’re talking about “Here hold beer and watch this !”

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@Tropical_Willie Not even that fun, we mask wearers are thought to be insane, sheep, etc…it’s mask-shaming big time by a small percentage. These are not the brightest bulbs, trust me.

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@ragingloli Masks—America’s Eastern Front???

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They need more Lebensraum to breathe.

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Luckily my governor (NY) and governors of surrounding states all banded together early on and made rules that some found prohibitive but that got us through. Unfortunately, it seems that other states that wanted people to “have their rights and freedoms” did not shut things down and put mask orders in place, and so they’re out of control and it’s bound to come back our way. Only now is the President saying wear your mask, a bit late. Luckily a lot of businesses like airlines and stores like Walmart are now on the mask bandwagon, but still, people “have their rights” and know that if you say you have a medical condition, you can’t be questioned on it. The CEO of Delta was on the news yesterday saying they don’t put up with that B.S. so that’s good.

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