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Are bank lobbies open in your area?

Asked by chyna (46923points) August 3rd, 2020 from iPhone

Bank lobbies are not open here. I really don’t understand why, as anytime I have had to go into a bank instead of using the drive thru, there were very few, if any, other customers in the bank.

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They are indeed open, but you must wear a mask.

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It’s hit or miss.

I bank at Chase, There are two branches in my town; one is closed except for the ATM. The other only has one staff member, and no teller service.

The larger branches in the next town over almost completely open. But if you want to do any out of the ordinary business, like get an equity line of credit, you have to have an appointment, you can’t just drop in.

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My bank is open ONLY to drive thru. You can call the bank & schedule a set appointment for services that can’t be handled via the drive thru. When you go to the appointment, you MUST wear a mask & maintain social distancing.

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Yes, with a few limitations.

- Some banks have closed most of their branches and posted signs, redirecting people to other locations.

- Facemasks are required.

- Just a small number of people are allowed inside. There’s a security guard at each door, controlling access.

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Some are. Some are doing business only by appointment inside.

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Yes, southern NY here.

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A few are, but I haven’t been, so I don’t know what precautions they’re taking.

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My issue is that on Friday I went to the ATM that is attached to the bank. I tried to withdraw money but it said no transactions could be done at that time. I looked at my account that night and they had that withdrawal listed. I went to the drive thru Saturday morning and the teller told me to call the manager today. There is no answer at the bank. I’m pretty frustrated. Probably a good thing the lobby isn’t open.

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@chyna How about 800 number for the bank HQ? I’d be upset too.

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ATM’s are considered a covid spreader. The banks can’t sanitize them after every transaction because they aren’t set up to know exactly when they’re being used. .At my bank, you’re allowed to hand them your debit card & they do the withdrawal via the card & have you sign their withdrawal receipt so you don’t have to write a check. Call your bank’s customer service number. They should be able to resolve it for you. At worst, they should be able to get a message to your bank’s manager to be dealt with locally. Insist that they contact your local manager to call you back immediately.

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I just called the main branch in WV. They said I had to go to the branch I was at originally. My branch isn’t answering the phone nor do they have an answering machine.
@lady thanks for the tip. I will not use the ATM again.

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They’re all open here

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Nope. Everything here has to be done via the drive-through. The ATM lane at my bank is conveniently blocked so that no one winds up in your situation.

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The banks in town don’t have the lobbies “OPEN” but you can make an appointment with a specific time and bank member to go inside; you must wear a mask. Everything else is drive-thru

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@chyna You got me to thinking. I called my bank & they aren’t answering the phone either. Have you considered driving back to your bank, going through the drive thru, & asking them to have the manager call you as you can’t get through to the bank by their regular number. Or ask how to schedule an appointment with the manager. IF you let this go for too long, they might claim that they can’t see the records for that day. The sooner you speak to someone, the easier it will be to get it resolved.

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My bank is only by appointment for certain larger transactions. Basic withdrawals and deposits are all vis Drive Up or ATM.

That said, I just completed a large, mortgage related transaction and the entire thing was done online. When it came time to sign the large packet of final documents, a courier for the bank left them in my mailbox. I retrieved them and signed them and placed them back in the mailbox, and he then came by and retrieved them. To keep it quick, he texted me when they arrived and I texted him when they were done.

No human contact needed.

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I finally got through. Since I have a desk job, I have nothing but time to dial the number and let it ring for 10 minutes on speaker. :-)
They are looking into it and can’t do anything until the ATM people come in Wednesday to count the ATM money.
I still don’t see why they can’t open the lobby. Everything else is open.

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Before the SHTF my bank preferred to do transactions by the drive through. Their rule was go through the drive through as long as it can be handled in under 3 minutes. Since March, my bank does everything by the drive through. If they can’t take care of it by the drive through, they will schedule you an appointment with the appropriate person. Masks and social distancing will be observed and you still have to go to the drive through to let them know you’re there for your appointment where someone comes over to unlock the front door and let you in. They don’t open the lobby mainly because during desperate times, people get crazy and they worry about increased chances of robbery. With the shortage of change, I’m using my debit card more often. I’m thankful that they are still opening the drive through for when I need it.

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My bank says the lobby is open, with strict rules in place, but I haven’t been in yet, I am still doing drive through.

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Mine is, and has been right along. I’ve reduced my visits, but I was there this afternoon. There are six-foot markers and a sign that says a maximum of 14 customers may be in the lobby at one time. The line was nearly that long for one of two busy tellers. I was there for nearly an hour. Everyone wore masks, and people seemed to be waiting patiently and politely.

Outside, though, a woman was yelling at the ATM and pounding on it.

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Was just drive through; inside by appointment but now the lobby is open.

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I work for a bank. We were drive-thru only starting in mid-March, with appointments available as needed. Our lobbies opened in mid-June. We request that customers wear a mask, per the state mandate, but we don’t insist.

I have had several customers tell me there are two or three banks in the area that are still appointment only. One of those is across the street. They don’t have a drive-thru, so they have people put transactions in the night drop, then check the night drop three or four times a day.

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Yes but there is a big plexiglass panel in front of the cashiers.

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@Aster, we have that too.

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