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Will Biden do a televised question & answer session with reporters?

Asked by Aster (19874points) 1 month ago

I notice Trump subjects himself to answering questions by mostly rude reporters. One example today: ” Mr Trump, do you regret all the lies you’ve told?” I am astonished by this world we find ourselves living in When I grew up people respected the office! Not anymore.
Do you think Biden will do a televised Q&A session by Republican reporters if there is such a thing?

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There are Republican reporters it is called Fox (FAUX) Newz. They’ll start by giving a twenty minute propaganda session. Then give Biden thirty seconds and interrupt two or three times. After he off camera they tell you all the things he did wrong while on camera and repeat the twenty minutes of propaganda !

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@Aster: “When I grew up people respected the office! Not anymore.”

That is a good thing.

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I respected the office UNTIL the current administration took over & TRASHED it…now I see NOTHING that I can even remotely respect as I was raised to NEVER respect a liar!!!

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I think the left has shown their true colors—never seen such a mob mentality act so vile and disgusting.

What they often say are lies are actually just facts that run up against the narrative they’ve been brainwashed to believe and feel a dire need to propagate. Every now and then, I find a misstatement (e,g, England is our biggest trading partner) by Trump but it isn;t a deception, which would constitute a lie.

The left are truly vile, vulgar, immature people. I haven’t heard potty talk like they espouse since I was maybe eleven years old.

Biden doesn’t know right from left, from up or down. He is dazed and confused and needs a lot of help to get through any kind of public presentation. He will be kept in the bunker, and his condition hidden from the masses.

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@Yellowdog Pretty funny you should say that you have never seen such a mob mentality so vile and disgusting. Did you not watch trumps rally’s where people were screaming and beating up each other? Not only did trump encourage it, he promised to get the people doing the beatings out of jail.
Edited to add: I keep hearing from trumpets that Biden has no mental capacity. I watched very closely when he gave his speech to announce Kamala. He seemed to have all of his mental faculties then.

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Your incessant misspelling of the name Trump says a lot about you. As far as the rallies where Antifa members made it into rallies and started attacking people, that plot was exposed by Project Veritas: Some will say the material is edited, but the dialogue and boasting is visible and plain as day. It also says an awful lot about the Left and how dangerous and violent some of them can be. I might warn you that these modern-day Brownshirts attack everyone although they are an arm of the Democrat extreme.

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Trump’s is the one with Brownshirts ! He has said he’d put up bail for anyone that beat up a heckler.

Do you @Yellowdog understand psychological projection ??

“Psychological projection is a defense mechanism people subconsciously employ in order to cope with difficult feelings or emotions. Psychological projection involves projecting undesirable feelings or emotions onto someone else, rather than admitting to or dealing with the unwanted feelings. Have you ever disliked someone only to become convinced that the person had a vendetta against you? This is a common example of psychological projection. Luckily, there are methods you can use to identify why you are projecting your emotions and put a stop to this coping mechanism.”

I’m not a psychiatrist but did get my B.A. in Psychology.

And worked in a Psychiatric hospital for five years.

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@Yellowdog After four plus years of calling everyone else racists, they excuse it in Biden how many times now in his speeches? Where’s the outrage? The hypocrisy is astounding.

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It’s called a Press Conference and it’s something the President does. I’m sure Biden will do it if and when he becomes President.

And @KNOWITALL, I’m sure Biden has said a lot of shit and he’s not my first pick but the fact is he played second fiddle to a Black President, he’s chosen a woman of color as VP and he will not advocate for racist policies. I truly believe he would not tear gas protesters to walk across a street and I hope he will let the children out of the cages. if he doesn’t, he will have plent of people yelling at him. Nothing to do with hypocrisy.

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@janbb It’s happened too many times for excuses to sound plausible.

“Trump is terrible, and he’s a racist, and we have to get racists out of the White House. But then Biden keeps saying racist things,” said Mariah Parker, a 28-year-old county commissioner in Athens, Georgia. “It doesn’t make me feel much better that we actually will have an improvement for the Black community with one president over the other.”

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Remember Trump saying NASTY and NASTY for every strong woman of color. He can’t deal with a person of color being in control of anything.

—I wonder if Putin will continue to pay for the Russian Mafia loans, that Putin co-signed for so Trump could build and re-build his resorts and Golf Clubs, if Trump doesn’t get re-elected ?—-

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^ Except for Ghislaine Maxwell who is in jail awaiting trial for her role in helping Epstein rape young girls. Remember him? Great friends of trump. He wishes her well.
But all other women are “nasty”.

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Why would Biden have to choose exclusively Republican reporters? The press conferences Trump attends are peopled by reporters. That Trump treats reporters differently based on how he perceives their allegiance to him, and as a result has cultivated a bitter relationship with the press at large, is his own doing.

Respect is given and reciprocated, not demanded or coerced. No one automatically deserves respect because they occupy a certain position in government, and if people truly want to respect the Office of President, then they ought to hold presidents to high standards.

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@Tropical_Willie Antifa are the Brownshirts. They are real, they are Marxists, and they are burning down our cities and destroying people’s businesses and homes, tearing down historic monuments and government buildings. They are the real deal.

I don’t doubt your educational credentials, but it is kosher to assume that most people on this site are equal to your own. Some above, some below, but most are about the same range.

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Brownshirts are not Marxists they are Hitler henchmen just like Trump !

Browwnshirts worked for the head of Germany., Hitler (Trump’s favorite author ) not against him. Why do you keep getting things BACKWARDS ? ?

Trump who is against Anti fa (Anti Fascists) by logic must be a Fascist. QED !

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@Aster “When I grew up people respected the office! Not anymore.”

Trump reaps the crop that he sows. If he is disrespected it is because he himself shows no respect to anyone or anything. The office is not worthy of respect while it is occupied by a man who has no respect for it or understanding of the gravitas of it. With each day Trump soils the office like a dog given free reign to defecate all over his master’s house.

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Of course Biden will accede to press conferences and be asked rude questions. The question is exactly the same as the one asked by a zillion reporters of Clinton concerning Monica. In fact, I find it remarkable that the press has thus far neglected to question this emperor on his glaring casual relationship with the truth. The question was more than reasonable. I wish every journalist had the presence of mind to ask the same question every time he is caught. Now that would be a revelation!

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@Tropical_Willie I realize its a game to you—or maybe your reality. But the original Antifa were indeed Marxists, as these proclaim to be. They oppose capitalism, not actual fascism. Their goal for America is to burn it down if they don’t get the Marxist utopia they want. Black Lives Matter and Antifa are both working in unison—a race war is a good cover for burning town a country, by professing its racist. Abraham Lincoln, General Grant, George Washington, Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tubman, William Lloyd Garrison, Lucretia Mott, David Walker —deface them, pull them down.

They are a real movement of the extreme left, and always have been. Antifa works against Trump, against capitalism, against the American republic. They are in Portland, Chicago, Seattle, Chicago, and New York, have waged war on local law enforcement, and have destroyed about 20 billion in infrastructure, which some of the mayors and governors and congress are now demanding the Federal government pay for (after said mayors and governors stood with the ‘protests’).

Antifa is real. They are the Brownshirts of the Anti-capitalist Left, as they always have been.

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“FA” in their name is for Fascists and they are against – - > “Anti” the Fascist actions of Trump. When the President repeatedly breaks the Constitution in a Fascist dictator manner like his appoint the people to DHS (where is all the teargas coming from?) that were not qualified and he pushed them through without Congressional (dictator action because he doesn’t need any checks and balance just his agenda)

“a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce . . . . ” Dictionary dot com

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You keep making the same point, over and over.

Just because Antifa means they are anti-fascist doesn’t mean capitalism is fascism.

The U.S. is not a fascist regime. The U.S. has no dictator. Donald Trump has very little authority amid this madness and violence, And the government has the authority to protect government and private property from domestic terrorists. Where do you think the fire, deaths, and $50 billion in loss of property and infrastructure has come from?

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The Fascism is your hero (TRUMP), I haven’t said anything about capitalism ! You equal Trump sucking the economy dry for his profits as capitalism. That is not how the US economy works with the President shoving money into his accounts or his underlings like DeJoy (Postmaster General) with maybe more than $70,000,000 in stocks with Fedex and UPS .

So DeJoy is putting the competition (of his stocks) out of business, conflict of interest but Trump is doing the same thing and won’t show his bank accounts or IRS returns.

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Respectfully, @Tropical_Willie you have a bizarre view of Trump and current events in the U.S. but I’m sure you think the same about me.

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In your eyes Trump (the Fascist ) can do no wrong; like un-Constituional things when the Congress is working on money for people because of COVID-19 – - he writes an executive order (not legal because the House is to initiate money spending) oh he’s running for President and needs to buy votes for November.

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The congress thing is that the congress wants a lot of crap in the bill, like changes in voting laws, free economic compensation for illegals, etc. and is holding up the funds.

Trump went on with it anyway, because people need the money, using funds from a source he did in fact have the authority to release.

Giving people economic relief is not typical of fascism. Holding funds hostage might be considered dichtatorial

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Asking a lying politician whether he regrets his lies is not rude.

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What does getting the people the economic aid they need and are probably entitled have to do with lying?

It is the Democrats in congress who are trying to extort / hold up their funding in order to get their childish and extreme political wants and wishes, which would not pass any other way.

And yes, accusing a President of lying, especially for political reasons during a time of extreme national crises, is worse than rude. It shows the true colors of the American left.

I am glad that you admit that at least one pundit on your side actually did this.

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20,000 trumps falsehoods and miss truths that was a month ago and he is averaging 23.8 of them a day during the pandemic.

He is blowing smoke up your BUTT! @Yellowdog

You must enjoy it !

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Anyone can dream that kind of accusation up.

Why not make it 75,000?

Who is Miss Truth?

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It is not a made up number but in your special case . . . ! Enjoy the cartoon and newsreel.

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I think you are truly brainwashed. It is not physically possible to “tell 20,000 lies.”

Now here’s some info from outside the box you live in: anything that runs against the narrative your side is trying to foist onto the public, you count as a lie. Your standard for what is a lie is anything that runs against your own lies that you are trying to get people to believe.

BTW if I called anyone a “demented fool” I’d be moded for a personal attack (not that I’d do it). So, in the future, I’d appreciate that you consider being civil under your own restraint and indulgence.

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@Yellowdog “It is not physically possible to tell 20,000 lies.”

It is? How’s that? Does a some kind of brain lock kick in after a certain number? And what is this number? 10,000? 15,000? 19,999?

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Why not try and see?

I’ll start you out. Please tell some lie answers to these questions: Did you have an Elephant-pork animal for lunch? Do you have a mobile made out of ravioli in your kitchen? Do you have 9 dogs living in your attic? Does a man living under your house send fumes through the floor? Does an African American couple live under your bed?

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You made the claim of physical impossibility. Surely this assertion must be based on some solid, tested, verifiable evidence. So what is it?

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Waiting @Yellowdog well what is it . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ?

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