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If you were Lee Van Cleef ("Angel Eyes") at the end of the movie, "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly," what might you have done differently to change the outcome of the plot?

Asked by kritiper (25757points) August 28th, 2020

It is the end of the movie, “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.” You are Angel Eyes (Lee Van Cleef). Would you have confronted Blondy and Tuco at gunpoint for the gold? Once they know you are there, what other possibilities might you have employed to keep from being killed? What advantage/disadvantage do you have to engage in the final gunfight? Who would you shoot first, Blondy or Tuco? Why?

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Tuco, of course, didn’t know his gun wasn’t loaded, so shooting Blondie when he was supposedly writing on the rock was his best option.

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@filmfann Blondie had already told Angel Eyes that if he was killed, Angel Eyes would never see any of the gold. How could Angel Eyes overcome this if he killed Blondie?

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The rock had no name on it.
They had already dug up the grave of Arch Stanton.
They knew that had to have a part in where the gold was.
The unmarked grave next to Stanton isn’t obvious, but it is logical.

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@filmfann When the gunfight began, Angel Eyes did not know that there was no name on the rock, so that is of no consequence.
Sure, they had already dug up the grave of Arch Stanton, but that doesn’t reveal anything about where the cache of gold was.
“They may have known it” but only Blondie knew that there was no name on the rock.
If Angel Eyes could have killed both Blondie and Tuco (which he had to do) how could he have known where the gold was?

Also, Blondie and Tuco had to kill Angel Eyes otherwise he would surely kill them later. So once involved in the gunfight scenario, Angel Eyes was stuck with no way out except to die. Unless, of course, he could manage to kill both of his adversaries. And find out where the gold was.
Was there another option he could have taken?

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Just hire another writer and get a new script. Problem solved.

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