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Which sort of sound do you get sick of first, or if not first then worst?

Asked by Jeruba (55741points) August 28th, 2020

Here are some great possibilities:

•  voices talking, talking, talking
•  a fly buzzing
•  music that isn’t to your taste
•  the steady beeping of some sort of electronic device
•  running water
•  a mouse gnawing inside the wall
•  a baby crying
•  kids screaming
•  a loud engine idling
•  a hovering helicopter
•  a neighbor’s television

Is there something that bugs you worse than any of those?

When there’s more than one at a time, do they cancel each other out at all or just multiply?

Will they actually drive you nuts?

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People talking with food in their mouth makes me want to end my life right there on the spot.
It’s not bad if they’re trying to be respectful about it, but if they’re being loud and ignorant and spouting out a bunch of rhetoric and laughing like an idiot I just want to leave the entire environment.

I can’t stand eating around groups in general: the sound of a bunch of people chewing really sets me off.

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My neighbor’s home alarm, which is not connected to a security company or the police, is on a hair trigger, and is very loud. If no one disarms it, it goes on for 7 to 10 uninterrupted minutes, and sometimes the vibrations set off car alarms.

It immediately makes me almost psychotic.

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Leaf blowers are bugging me a lot at the moment.

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Motorcycles roaring down my residential street (a half block long off a main street) at 50 miles an hour.

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Crying babies. Takes about 1.2 nanoseconds for me to want to kill it.

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Heavy bass thumping on car audio systems. Why aren’t the passengers deaf?
I’ll second @YARNLADY‘s motorcycles with loud exhaust. It is so unnecessary.

KNOWITALL's avatar

The loud exhausts on teenagers (and some adults) cars.

I know they think they’re very cool on their mama’s old Nissan, but they are incredibly annoying and that bad boy isn’t going any faster.

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Crying babies/kids is #1 followed closely by the phone ringing.

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@Blackberry….I second your emotion! Close your freaking mouth! And don’t kid yourself. We can see if you just stuff the food in your cheek in order to talk with food in your mouth! IT’S DISGUSTING!!!

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@tinyfaery Oooo phone ringing . Especially when the caller ID say “Out of Area”. .

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My buzzer on my alarm clock. The school buzzer.

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Car alarms. I wonder if one has ever prevented a crime. I wake up very early in the morning to meditate, and sometimes hear one in the distance that doesn’t stop for some minutes. Occasionally, they are close by. They are so irritating. I can’t see any purpose they serve.

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I hate the sound of a big drilling machine. When I was young I was totally horrified of it. I would find a place to hide whenever I heard the sound. Nowadays it just annoys me.

Another sound that scares me more than annoying me is the loud sound of motorcycle engine – you know, the sound those bikers in movies make. Whenever I hear a motorcycle making that sound while moving, especially when I don’t see the motorcycle itself, it just gives me this irrational feeling that the motorcycle is going to crash me. Maybe that’s just me associating the sound with reckless riding, and I have never been involved in any accident with that kind of motorcycle, but still, the sound is scary :(

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You folks who are irritated by a phone ringing: is that a traditional landline ring tone, or any phone with any ring, regardless of the sound it makes?

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Crying/screaming babies/children. Must be why I never had any. A close second is motorcycles though.

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Jack hammers, weed whackers, leaf blowers, constant throat clearing, children screaming, shoes squeaking on the floor, cars and motorcycles revving their engines while idling, motorhome generators in a campground, truck generators outside your motel room, people jingling their keys in their pocket, people screaming and cursing at their children (usually in Walmart), the sound of a seat back being kicked in a movie theater, loud clicking of high heeled shoes on tile, marble, or wood floors, the sound of people walking and not picking up their feet, the sound of my neighbor cursing loudly into his cell phone, in his front yard, in the middle of the night.

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Smoke detectors with depleted batteries.

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Very loud music on a TV show or movie. I already have the sound turned up to hear dialogue I don’t want to suddenly have a blast of louder music. Especially annoying if it obscures the dialogue. Why is this fashionable in movie making now? Plus, it might wake my husband from his sleep if I’m in the next room with the sound down and suddenly the TV gets much louder.

Road noise when I’m inside my house, especially trucks starting and stopping. Living near a stop sign or traffic light near a road with regular traffic running on it is to be avoided.

Lawn mowers and blowers are high up there too. Partly, because they are so loud. Secondly, because the noise lasts a while.

I hate loud motorcycles and car engines also, but usually they are just buzzing by. It’s like smoking to be cool, people want loud engines to be cool? Get a muffler. My husband races cars and when I’m at the race track the noise is getting more and more uncomfortable for me, more than anything because I know my hearing is getting damaged and I already constantly have noise from the damage. I saw a report a few years ago of people who feel pain when around normal every day noise their hearing is so affected. They basically live with sound dampening headphones on all day. That sounds dreadful.

A bee buzzing nearby freaks me out, because I know I will get stung if I don’t get away.

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Another vote for loud, Harley-style, motorcycles.
They upset me to the point of imagining them hitting a deep pothole and careening into a nearby tree.

Children crying only bothers me if it is in a store or restaurant and goes on and on. Then it’s more about the parents not doing something about it.

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Many of the above, plus crickets, bad ‘on hold’ music, and vomiting!

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Those moronic audio cues in reality tv.

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Someone mentioned car alarms. A little after 4 a.m. one morning I was awakened by a car alarm. It was very annoying. It just went on and on and I was getting angry that no one was turning it off.
I got out of bed and tracked the noise down….to my own driveway. My new Pontiac’s car alarm was shrieking and I had NO idea how to turn it off. Up until that moment I didn’t even know it HAD a car alarm! I was frantically clicking and clicking on the remote, to no avail.
There was another car in my drive way (don’t remember why) when IT suddenly started screaming too! It was about 4:20 at this point…...
Then I realized my daughter was clicking and clicking the remote to the other car,thinking it might shut my Pontiac up but it didn’t.
She was able to stop the alarm on the other car, but I had NO IDEA how to stop the Pontiac. I finally called the police.
It made me feel a little better that they had no clue either. They finally just disconnected the battery.

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@Jeruba If someone has a song as their ring tone it’s not so bad, unless it becomes excessive. Otherwise, any telephone sound annoys me.

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