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What do you think Kyle Rittenhouse's mom is thinking now that he's looking at life in prison?

Asked by Dutchess_III (46745points) August 29th, 2020

I keep hearing rumors that his mother bought him the gun and took him over the state line to do his Very Important Thing. I haven’t passed that on because I can’t find any news articles that state this. I’ve only heard it as a rumor on Facebook.
But for the purpose of this question, let’s assume that it is true.
What do you think she must be feeling now?
And should she be charged as an accomplice?

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Of course she should be charged as an accomplice.

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But WAS she an accomplice? All I hear are rumors on Facebook and I’m not going to assume they’re true. If they were, why can’t I find anything about it on any of the news sites?

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I don’t need to pay for college now! Great! More money for booze and cigarettes!

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I doubt college was ever in the works.

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Maybe the reputable news sites have a little something invested in verifying stories before they publish. No such commitment to journalistic integrity exists on post-at-will media.

> But WAS she an accomplice?

If anybody here actually knows the answer to that, I hope they’ll get to repeat it in a courtroom.

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Exactly @Jeruba, which is why I’m not ranting and raving on FB about it.

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I just googled “How did Kyle Rittenhouse get the gun” and a lot of sites came up.

Here’s the Milwaukee Sentinel’s brief article. It says the gun belonged to his friend. There’s also a discussion about the legal age to carry a gun in Kenosha. I didn’t read it.

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Thanks @jca2. So it would appear his mother did not buy the gun for him. It belonged to a friend.
I hate rumors.

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I raised an idiot.

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Maybe wondering where she went wrong.

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