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How do you wash vegetables and fruit during the COVID-19 epidemic?

Asked by cristalclear (4points) September 2nd, 2020

cleaning the vegetables in best way

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Same way I always have. I wash my hands before handling any food stuffs, then wash the same way under clean water.

By the way, fruits and vegetables are not a vector for Covid. One should worry more about rinsing off any chemicals fertilizers, or dirt/soils.

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I wash them the way I always did, which is how @zenvelo does.

I also don’t wipe down my mail.

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^^ I’m with them.

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Same way I always washed vegetables. Water and Basic H.

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I have always washed my vegetables with water, more rinsed than washed.

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Depends on the item and whether or not I’m going to peel it, but essentially the same as always. I don’t treat mushrooms the same as lettuce. I wash a bell pepper a little more thoroughly than an orange, and I don’t wash bananas at all.

Produce seldom goes straight from the shopping bag to the cutting board, and once it’s rested for a little while, it’s probably effectively de-virused, if there ever was a risk from handling between the farm and my kitchen.

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I used to not wash fruit or vegetables before putting them in the fridge, now I wash both before storing them.

Most items I rinse well with water. I let them sit out for a while, dry well, if there is any chance of covid hopefully it dies off, and then put it all in the fridge. Before I eat it I rinse again.

Citrus I rinse with a little soap. Doesn’t really make sense, but since it doesn’t affect the fruit I go ahead and do it.

Items that need to sit out to ripen I don’t usually worry about washing until ready to eat or before putting in the fridge.

If I’m going to cook the item I’m not worried about covid at all. I rinse it with water like I always did, but once it hits the hot pan any virus is dead.

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Fruit and vegtables (raw): I put into the produce drawer for three days before using. Wash as I normally would.

Vegetables (cooked): Wash as I normally would.

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Fruit and vegetable wash spray. Then rinse with water.

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