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If I don't have pets or children is it acceptable to get new carpeting that's off white?

Asked by Aster (19874points) 1 week ago

Now that the precious bichons are gone and I live alone is it ok to get new carpeting that’s a two tone off white? I know it’ll look elegant at first but will I hate it down the road? It is twenty years old and really a nightmare. My daughter really wants me to have it installed because the house tends to be dark. It will be in three bedrooms and the hallway.

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What do you want? Do you want carpet, hardwood floors, tile? If you want carpet, go with the color you want.

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Even without children, any variation in color from dirt (or soap or oil) will show up bad! Get a grey or a brown, something that will go with anything and not show dirt as bad.

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To brighten up the house, I got sand colored carpets. It has worked out quite well, and they don’t show wear nearly as much as white would.

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Acceptable? That’s up to you to decide. Personally I wouldn’t, but I’m not the one who has to live with it or put in the work to keep it clean. You are. So if you’re willing then go for it. It’s your living space, furnish it in whatever manner pleases you.

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I think “acceptable” is not the word you mean. Acceptable means that someone may not accept it, and in your case, it’s your house, you do what you want.

If I were you and looking for a light color carpet, I would go with a tightly woven one, like an indoor/outdoor carpet. Kind of like carpeting that would be found in an office. Not a plush one, because the plush one may look great but will show wear and tear and dirt.

I bet, if your house is dark, a new, brighter carpet will really brighten things up!

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Perhaps you’d like a light Berber carpet. They are nice, but be sure to buy quality! Cheap Berber carpet is as bad as cheap anything else.

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Thanks guys. She does so much for me that I tend to do whatever she likes. She is a wonderful decorator and I do love the white sample she brought over but I may have to go with a light tan.

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When my mom decided to put in white carpet, everybody freaked out including me. She ended up buying berber carpet that was not exactly white but it wasn’t dark enough to say that it wasn’t white. My parents died 20 years later and when we sold the house, the new owners liked the carpet so much that they wanted us to leave it in. i was amazed how 20 years later that it still looked as good as it did. I’d say that it all revolves around what you want and whether you’re up to taking care of an almost white carpet

My neighbor is a painter. One of this customers wanted their bedroom painted all black, including the ceiling. He did his damnedest to talk them out of it. They insisted, so he did what they paid for. He went back to see it after the job was done. They had carpeted the room with white carpet and all the furniture was white.He said it looked beautiful. Personally, I wouldn’t want white nor off white carpet in my home; but you say you trust your daughter’s judgement and if you think that you are prepared to keep it clean, I say go for it

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