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Why am I so bored?

Asked by lv17524 (22points) 1 week ago

I am 68 living in a community where I have no friends and,due to being visually impaired cannot drive nor work.

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What interests you?

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Sounds like it’s time to learn something new. Interest sparks interest.

Pick anything. Russia. Ants. Recycling. Gemstones. Rodgers & Hammerstein. Sheep. Black holes. Really, anything starts to become interesting when you learn about it. And subjects branch. One leads to another.

Begin with a question. This site right here is a good place to find questions. Some of them are researchable. Pick one, research it, and follow leads. The world starts to open up one or another of its little mysteries, and it becomes more interesting.

As a bonus, you become more interesting too.

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Why do you have no friends? Friends are what is getting me through this time. Is there a club in your community that would interest you? Maybe garden outside your home and if there are walkers in your community, say hello and see if you can start some conversations?

If you feel you must be housebound, there are great free lectures and plays available online during the pandemic that you can take advantage of. If you read or listen to audio books, join an online book group to discuss.

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Being bored is a sign that you need a change and or challenge.
So what did you do before for fun etc
There a loads of people with visibility problems who manage to keep occupied, perhaps join a group online to get conversations going and understand how others like you deal with boredom?
They may have interests that you may like as well.

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