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What is the best way to celebrate festivals?

Asked by himalayan (1points) September 6th, 2008

As we know that everybody look happy in festival season so what is the best way to celebrate it.

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How to celebrate festivals:

1. Find a festival
2. Bring a glass, with ice, preferably a salted rim.
3. Find festival organizer and inquire about the availability of Tequila.
4. Find tequila vendor.
5. Have vendor fill glass of ice with tequila.
6. Since you have found a festival, assume that there is music playing
7. Find music.
8. Find spot of grass to listen to music.
9. Find sexy woman with great shoulders and spaghetti strap top (or tube top, but tube top is just a bit slutty. That might be ok. Depends on the festival).
10. Scootch your cooch closer to sexy woman.
11. Offer sexy woman a sip of tequila.
12. Return to Tequila vendor and get more tequila
13. Return to spaghetti straps
14. Feel the warmth of tequila
15. Ask spaghetti straps to dance.
16. She says yes
17. Now the festival has begun…..

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Different festivals may call for different types of celebration. Did you have a specific festival in mind? By the way, welcome to the collective.

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Sueanne_Tremendous knows how to party!!

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1. Be with your family

2. Wear beautiful occasional dress

3. Beautify your house

4. Distribute sweets and gifts

5. Meets relatives and enjoy with them

6. Lastly, Keep yourself calm and enjoy the mood of festival

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