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What can you take with you after death? (P&R)

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19441points) September 20th, 2020

Should you stock up on those things that you can take with you after death? Like memories ect… ?

Humor welcome.

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A bag of fertilizer.

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Your soul. Everything will be provided on the other side so you won’t need to carry any baggage. That’s where the saying “You can’t take it with you” came from

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Nothing. You aren’t going anywhere, and there’s no place to go.

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Nothing material and anything else is just happenstance.

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The effects or lack of effects the you put on those that live on.

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Since I have donated my remains, one could say I will “take” the results of my donation with me.

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I am not even sure you take your memories with you.
All you take is your soul and your character.

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@gondwanalon Unless you believe in a sentient afterlife you can’t take with you the effect you have on living people you left behind; that can only be your legacy.

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Ask yourself what can your dog or cat take with them after death? What can a turtle or a worm take with themselves after death?

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Smelly feet ? ? ?

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