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What is the latest on Covid-19 mutations, and how will this affect vaccine development?

Asked by hmmmmmm (6865points) September 24th, 2020

In addition to a having a doctor in the house, I’m sure there are some here who are well-read re: C-19. I have seen a few articles on possible C-19 mutations and the health effects these new mutations could have on humans.

While I understand that this is all speculation at this point, what is the common understanding regarding virus mutation? Since viruses mutate, wouldn’t developing a vaccine be as challenging as deciding which flu strain to target each year for the flu shot? Could we develop a vaccine that works for a particular strain, only to end up with a different strain sweeping throughout the world? Could we be living with C-19 indefinitely, like we do the flu?

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All reports and interviews I have read and seen say the mutations in covid-19 will not affect the vaccine development or efficacy at all. The part of the virus being targeted is not mutating, it seems to be stable. I’ve given this analogy before, the door is not changing, only the paint color, so the way to open and close it has been steady.

Of course, things can always change and I’m not an expert.

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Covid vaccines probably will be updated every year.

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No reports heard about any mutations. I’m sure everybody will hear about such things if and when they occur. If any pop up, there will probably be new vaccines produced every year like the flu vaccines are now. (And, like the flu vaccines, no one can anticipate what form the virus could take so any vaccines, if that were to happen, would be a crap shoot estimate.)

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So far, to my understanding, the mutations do not affect the spike protein. So the vaccines theoretically should still be fine.

But my opinion is that we will be living with C-19.

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