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Yesterday, when I got on the computer to go on "Steam," it said.. "Could not connect to the Steam network." So, what can I do?

Asked by nicklindsey5674 (167points) October 7th, 2020

So, when I get to my grandparent’s house and got on the computer to go on “Steam,” I tried logging on and I had a error message. I tried restarting it and the same popped up again. This afternoon, when my grandpa tried playing card games on the computer, it had the error message popping up too. So what can I do?

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Have you tried rebooting the router? It sounds like the house may have lost its connection to the internet.

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I have been reading more and more about people having slow connections or not being able to get on certain sites. I am wondering if perhaps it has to do with more children at home and people using the internet for work and schooling and maybe companies are overwhelmed with the added daily use.

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It’s possible that Steam was down while you tried to connect.

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