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What is your definition of trolling?

Asked by crazyguy (3194points) October 9th, 2020

I have been accused by some jellies of trolling. All I do is pose questions and comments on the answers to my questions. Admittedly, my political leaning is fairly obvious from my questions and comments. Does that make it trolling?

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Nope. Trolling is posting to intentionally upset others.

To me, your posts are no more offensive than other political posts here.

You just happen to now be in a minority on this site, as many centrists and conservatives chose to leave over the last few years.

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You’re not a troll. I just generally disagree with you. You might be fun over tea for all I know.

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Looking for trouble.

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I haven’t seen you troll at this website. The fact that someone disagrees with you, no matter how vehemently, doesn’t make you a troll.

Trolling is a deliberate effort to cause harm and create discord by posting inflammatory, off-color, and hurtful remarks. A troll has no sincere interest in joining a conversation or having a discussion; The person incites outrage and then sits back to enjoy the fallout.

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The person incites outrage and then sits back to enjoy the fallout.

Yep, a troll is just there to start shit. They post inflammatory things and then don’t respond or they respond with jokes, dodges, and memes.

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Thanks all. I never thought of myself as a troll. I always read all the responses and respond to most of them, as best as I can.

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Sometimes trolling is obvious and sometimes it’s subtle. Trolls come in all shapes, sizes, types, political leanings.

Sometimes someone can be a legit user but make trollish comments from time to time.

On Fluther, calling someone a troll will get the comment taken down.

Yesterday, @crazyguy, you made a statement about the Secret Service agents who took Trump on his joyride and then had to quarantine for 14 days. When I said that it put them in danger, and their families in danger (from risk of the virus), you said something about it being a free vacation. To me, that statement was totally illogical and another Jelly referred to it in a negative manner.

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@jca2 As far as I am concerned, a quarantine for 14 days when the risk of having caught covid-19 is extremely low is, indeed a vacation. Sorry if you disagree.

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@crazyguy: But as I explained on the thread yesterday, as far as I am concerned, taking home a possibly deadly virus to your wife, your child or your elderly parent who lives with you is not worth a 14 day vacation. Sorry if you disagree.

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@jca2 I think it comes down to your evaluation of the risk involved. In my opinion taking your loved ones for a long drive is significantly riskier than the possibility of taking home a virus from the short (few minute) ride with Trump.

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@crazyguy: Again, to rehash our discussion from yesterday, in the link that you provided, the medical experts at the medical facility said that the joy ride put the SS at risk. Now I don’t profess to be a medical expert, and I am quite sure that you are not one either, but the link you provided quoted the medical experts saying the SS in the car were at risk.

Sorry if you disagree with the medical experts.

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