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Does anyone own the Jellyshirt?

Asked by writerini (154points) September 6th, 2008

I think they’re pretty sweet but I wear Youth Large. (I’m fourteen)

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I do and i LURVE it. sooooooo comfy.

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@uberbatman Do you have any other shirts by “insanley great tees”?

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I love mine. I bought a men’s L, cut and rehemmed neckline and cut off 5” of length on bottom and rehemmed that also with two side slits. Now a woman’s L.

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Andrew has one!

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I does. Me does.

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I have one and I think it’s great! It’s one of my favorite shirts.

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I will when they make some non-brown ones.

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I have one. Also have the I’m a Mac shirt and Binary Tree of Insanely Great Tees. They’re all great.

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I would if there was a black one.

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I love it. It’s the perfect brown and it’s got that 60s blue color, which happens to be my favorite. Plus it’s slimming. I wear it with pride.

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I’ve got mine. I wore mine the other day, and my husband took a good look at it, then asked me why I was wearing a shirt with a big sperm on it!!!!! No, he doesn’t Fluther.

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@Megan64; I think of Dr. Jelly as being two shades of either turquoise or green (with some grey to mute the hue). Since I was alive and young and hip in the 60’s, I can’t bring to mind what color blue you are thinking of. The tie-dyed T’s used a brilliant cobalt. I may still have one as a rag somewhere.

At the bank last week, I got several compliments on the shirt. If only Dr. J were wearing bifocals, he’d be perfect.

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(or a monocle?)

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***YAY*** I just had mine delivered today.

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