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Where do universities come from?

Asked by willbrawn (6609points) September 6th, 2008 from iPhone

how are they started? Are they smaller colleges that become more popular and get money? Does a private group decide to build one?

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This article may prove to be of interest to you, I did begin reading it and it did seem interesting, but I’ve not read it all. I do know in the UK a number of colleges have been granted university status, other universities I guess started off as universities and such. I’m sorry I could provide much info, but hopefully the article I linked will give you a push off point :)

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My alma mater was a college when I attended. It became a university a few tears ago.

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@see: surely it was not that bad?

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...flies over Seesul’s thick skull. ???

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“a university a few tears ago..” a truly lovely typo, dear heart.

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well a girl university and a boy university meet and decide they like each other very much…

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…gc: dumb iPhone intuitive spelling. I also need to wear my glasses more often.
Actually, we alums WERE quite upset because they renamed the college as well and we really loved the original name.

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What was and is it now, if it’s OK to ask here? Not the one just north of Philly?

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I guess It can come enviroment laws from.It is gathering of informaciones more and more.

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