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Just curious, did anyone learn a new instrument in quarantine or pick up an old one?

Asked by LazyMe10 (508points) October 15th, 2020

Just wondering if anyone picked up learning a new instrument in quarantine. Or dusted off an old instrument you’ve had lying around. To brush up on your skills. If so, which instrument did you pick to play? And what challenges have you come across on your musical journey? Also, do you have any advice for someone getting back into an instrument or even starting one?

I bought a penny whistle during quarantine but haven’t gotten around to learning to play it yet. Been busy with life. _;

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No. I have been working my butt off and haven’t had time. I do have a piano I haven’t played in 30 years that I would like to get back on friendly terms with. I also have a banjo I bought years ago to learn and never got far with it. I’m looking at retirement in a few years so I will likely hit them then. My wife’s poor ears!

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