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What would you like to see added on the Iphone in future updates?

Asked by bybvibe93 (232points) August 2nd, 2007
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louder rings

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yep louder rings and more volume in the speaker and the earpiece. Also, to-dos would be great.

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lock button on touch face, keep dialing people on accident

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yeah those would be nice, personally I would like to see a Copy Paste feature

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categorized to-do app
Multiple calendar support
3rd party non-web based app support

gooch's avatar can dial in your pocket it only works with skin touch

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I agree......please make this phone LOUDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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gooch, yeah it is sensitive, a lock button to shut down web links imbedded in pages that u hit when trying to expand a page. Maybe a zoom button is a better way to go...

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3rd party non-web based app support

and to be honest, I would much rather icon or "theme" customization native to iphone's firmware over custom ringtones. i keep my phone on vibrate 99% of the time out of courtesy.

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they have IM

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an IM based off the phone, not through safari.

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