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What kind of singing style do you enjoy listening to the most?

Asked by rockfan (13427points) October 27th, 2020 from iPhone

I appreciate singers who sing so passionately that it makes the performance imperfect on a technical level, but emotionally powerful and effective in their delivery. This recent song is one of my favorites that does this:

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I tend to like singers who belt it out. I don’t like breathy vocals, which seems to be trendy now.

I also don’t like, ugh I don’t know what to call it. You hear it in gospel or more typically black singers who drag out a note but change the octaves. Does that make sense? I love good gospel, especially a gospel choir, but not when in the middle of the song they show off all their voice can do. I probably didn’t explain it well. It’s done in other genre’s also sometimes, but I relate it to gospel.

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The singer has to be able to hit the notes the first time…not slide into them like Bob Dylan, or hunt around like what @JLeslie is mentioning. I like passion in the songs. As for styles? I like melodic music, not Rap or Hip Hop. I don’t care for Opera though I can appreciate their voices. This hits many of the right tones for me.

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This was nice. What I cannot abide is the American Idol warble, that odd holding a syllable/note and fluctuating the voice. It proves nothing and does not make the song more discernible or singable.

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Thanks @seawulf575.

As for style I don’t like Hop Hop either. I do like some opera, some country, but in small amounts. I like music with a good beat and the vocals often don’t matter as much, except some singers are very appreciated, and the type of music doesn’t even necessarily matter. Barbra Streisand, Dolly Parton, Elvis Presley, Janis Joplin, Elton John, there are so many and a great variety that I like.

Have you ever watched the twins listen to old music for the first time? I love it. They listen to a big variety. One of my favorites is their reaction to Jolene. You might like their commentary when they watch songs. Here is Janis Joplin also. You can search for more if you are interested.

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Soft rock.

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My favorite is Musical theater style. It is clear and passionate.

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Give me Willie Nelson any day of the week, and twice on Sunday. “If you got the money honey, I got the time, we’ll take your brand new Cadillac. leave my old wreck behind”....

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@JLeslie Janis gets a really odd reaction. A lot of people don’t like her singing. She has that almost raspy voice, but she has one heck of a range

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I like the blend of psychology, poetry, music and madness a la Billie Eilesh, Kurt Cobain, etc…

Storytellers are great, too. The genre isn’t really important to me as the content and what it means.

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BTW, I HATE Bob Dylan’s style. Stone me if you must but when I hear that or Tom Petty, I’m out.

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@KNOWITALL Dylan is great if you want to sLIDe into the note.

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@seawulf575 The lyrics are good, it’s just that voice I can’t take….haha! Trust me, it really bothers my mom.

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@zenvelo, are you talking about vibrato? If so, it’s a feature of vocal and instrumental music that’s been around for centuries.

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@Jeruba Surely not!! Very few singers have a nice vibrato, it’s one of my pet peeves.

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My musical taste never made it much past the 60’s. I like folk rock, which was prevalent then. And I like listening to Dylan. He does not have much of a singing voice, but he does a great job of expressing his feelings.

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@lost I just need a Dylan cover band!

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Something along the line of Barry White is my favorite!!! Barry could sing a love song & by the end of the song you were in love with somebody even IF you were home alone.

Most recently, Austin Brown of the a cappella group Home Free has been catching my ear. He has a way of singing a simple line & turning it into something with passion!!! I love the way he did You’ve Got A Friend but he has improvised lines in some of the Home Free collection that gives me goosebumps!!!

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My favorite are when you hear the emotion.

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I really like satanic choir chanting. It makes me feel powerful.

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Ballads, soft jazz (Frank Sinatra)

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I had the opportunity to watch The Bodyguard today & it reminded me how much I miss Whitney

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Jazz ballads – - Billie Holiday, Ella, Sarah Vaughan.

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Ella is the BEST scat singer I’ve ever heard.

I love how she uses her voice to jam with Duke’s band in Cottontail.

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@alice_quine I love those singers doing torch songs!

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What kind of singing style I enjoy listening to the most is Freddie Mercury, because he had a beautiful voice and he played in the band called, “Queen.”

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