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Do you agree that famous celebrities are sometimes accused of unjust crimes?

Asked by luigirovatti (2581points) October 29th, 2020

Like the sexual abuse case of Michael Jackson and Roman Polanski.

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I am certain that lots of people are accused of unjust crimes. I’m also sure that plenty of people with power and resources get away with crimes. Celebrities just get more media coverage.

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@luigirovatti You mean like O.J. Simpson accused of murdering his ex wife?

What’s the “unjust” part?

Michael Jackson did abuse children; he then paid them off.

Roman Polanski did commit rape, which is why he has not returned to the US in over 40 years.

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What’s to agree or disagree? It’s a fact except I don’t know what you mean by “unjust crimes”? Do you mean they are unjustly accused of crimes they didn’t commit which likely isn’t true of the examples you cite? “Unjust crimes” doesn’t make any sense as a term.

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I’m not so sure your two examples are good examples of unjust crimes, but yes, famous people do get accused of things they didn’t do. They also get away with crimes, or almost get away with crimes. Look at Bill Cosby and Robert Blake.

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No more than anyone else.
Can they afford better lawyers and get better justice? Yes, same as rich people.

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Quite the opposite: Jodie Foster was never even charged with trying to get Hinckley to assassinate Reagan with her mind control powers…

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You mean the crimes are unjust or the defendants are accused unjustly? There’s a difference.

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This question has a pleonasm, an unjust statement, and two examples of quite the opposite of what you seem to ask.
I feel.

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Most crimes are unjust. Or do you mean “unjustly accused”?

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^^ That’s what I said way up there and it hasn’t been responded to yet.

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No, famous celebrities have never been accused of unjust crimes.

Some infamous celebrities have been accused of crime.

Some celebrities have been unjustly accused of crime.

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Sorry for the “neoplasm”. I feel that Polanski and Jackson were unjustly accused of sexual abuse. That’s all.

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@luigirovatti People can debate Jackson as to whether the accusations were unjust, but if he did not abuse those children why did he pay them off? It is not natural for a grown man to have naked sleepovers with children with their parents not around.

Polanksi was convicted of raping a child. How could that be considered an “unjust accusation”?

Its’s pleonasm the use of more words than are necessary to convey meaning, not neoplasm, an abnormal growth of cells, also known as a tumor.

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I do believe that money talks and justice walks. Look at the incident with Robert Wagner and his wife Natalee Wood. ‘Nuff said.

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Polanski most certainly was not unjustly accused.

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@zenvelo: As I said, were. I was using past tense. Obviously now they aren’t anymore. But sometime before, they were.

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@luigirovatti Actually, many people are unjustly accused of crimes they haven’t committed and often end up in jail. I worry about them more than the celebrities who can afford good lawyers and rarely end up in jail.

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They’re just under a lot more scrutiny than the average person. Accusations are a natural byproduct.

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