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Fishing rod?

Asked by knight (35points) September 6th, 2008

Where can I buy a 7m fishing rod on the web with a good description?

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what kind of fish are you going for?

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I’d try Bass Pro Shop . I searched on there for 7m Fishing Rod and came up with this . They are the standard as far as fishing here in the Midwest goes. They have courses and will even show you how to fish with your new rod – and even test it before you buy it (most have small lakes next to them for this purpose). I know the latter comments won’t help you since you’re looking at it on the web, BUT it’s some good info if you ever get a hankerin to go see one. =)

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i agree bass pro shop has all the gear.

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Thanks for the answers. I need it for my grandfather. He want it to be very light weight. I will look in Bass Pro Shop. Thanks.

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