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What happens to Trumps border wall with Mexico now that he is only president for 3 more months?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24649points) November 7th, 2020

Will it be stopped? Ripped down? Or something else?

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It’s going to be renamed “Trump’s Folly in the Desert.”

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The same thing that would have happened to it four years from now if he had been re-elected. (Because it wouldn’t have been finished then, either.)

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Hopefully most of it gets removed as soon as possible, for the sake of wildlife that need to be able to get from place to place.

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What border wall? Oh, you mean the one he boasted about for years but never made any serious effort to actually build?

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@Darth_Algar I thought he transferred money from the military to build small sections of wall. That is great news that not much was built.

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I would dismantle it, and sell pieces of it to butthurt trump supporters to recoup the cost of building it.
Maybe even make a tidy profit off of it.

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^ “Maybe even make a tidy profit off of it.”

…and donate that to organizations supporting undocumented immigrants.

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Well, they built enough to manage to destroy some ancient saguro cacti… which is supposed to be illegal… and to desecrate Native American lands and burial sites .

Trump had a celebration about having built 400 miles of new border wall… though not surprisingly, that wasn’t very true :

Using data from a regular CBP status update, we conclude that, of those 371 miles:

* 16 were built where no fencing existed before;
* about 170 were built where only “vehicle barrier” (structures that could block a vehicle but not someone on foot) existed before;
* about 135 were built to replace older, shorter fencing; and
* 50 miles are new or replacement “secondary wall” built parallel to existing fencing.

As that status update indicates, this has been built—and continues to be built—at a cost of approximately $15 billion in 2017–2020 funds. (Our best current estimate is $15.067 billion.) 70 percent of that money was not approved by the U.S. Congress, as our constitution dictates.”

(That last link goes on to describe several other considerations about various types of damage and harm caused by the wall project.)

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Oh, he did take money away from the military for the wall. Thing is, he didn’t actually build much of it.

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It is and was a boondoggle. Not like migrants couldn’t go over, under, or around it. Walls have never been much use anyway. The Great Wall of China did not keep nomadic raiders out of China, Hadrian’s Wall and the later Antonine Wall did not keep Picts and Saxons out of Roman Britain, the Berlin Wall did not keep determined freedom seeking seeking Germans out of West Berlin. And Trumps wall can’t and won’t keep illegal migrants out of the U.S.

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I think one section of tRump’s fascist fence was blown over by a 35-MPH wind.

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Imagine being the first guy to devise putting a wall around his city -

“Ha! That’ll keep them out! Wait…shit! Did they just tunnel under it? Fuck! That didn’t work!”

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