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Of course he'll need a passport. Right?

Asked by AstroChuck (37278points) March 7th, 2009 from iPhone

I guy I work with is planning to travel to his hometown in Mexico for the first time in ten years. I asked him something that concerned how his name was listed on his passport (because he uses his maternal name as his last) and he told me he doesn’t have one. I told him that he’d better hurry and get one if he would be tracing soon. He told me that since he had dual US/Mexican citizenship that a passport would not be a requirement. I in turn told him that that didn’t matter and if he was planning on boarding that plane without one he was in for a rude awakening. He told me he was certain that I was wrong. I’m almost certain that I am not.
Who’s right here?

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85 days from now he’s screwed…

No more crossing without, no matter what nationality.

This might help

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I’m pretty sure you need it to get back into the US, right?? I don’t know, I don’t have a passport. I should get one.

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He SHOULD get one. We have an employee who travels back and forth all the time and never bothered to get one. He is held and detained for hours when ever he tries to get back in the country. Culturally I think he just accepts that as the way it is. He doesn’t understand how much easier a passport would make his life. This is the same guy who came to work exhausted because he spent the night at the emergency room at the county hospital for a sinus infection even though we provide him medical insurance. His whole life he has done it this way and he didn’t realize that now that he has insurance he can just call and make a doctor appointment and be seen and treated like a dignified human being. How sad :-(

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This is the most recent info, but i don’t have time to sort through it right now.

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Every US citizen and legal resident doing any travelling to and from any foreign country is going to need a US passport very soon. I’m getting mine re-upped now.

Can’t go to Canada without it!

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This doesn’t say anything about international flights but does give instructions for making domestic flights without an ID.

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I’m pretty sure they won’t even let him near the airport without ID, even if he was travelling within the US.

Now as far as the borders go, having a dual citizenship generally means you can enter the country without a visa, but you still need to prove the dual citizenship (or at least one of them). Not sure if Mexico would let him in on some other papes, such as a birth certificate or driver’s licence, but I doubt the US would let him back in without a passport.

And as I said, this is a lot stricter when you travel by plane.

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I think he needs one. When you visit Canada you need one to re-enter the US, so I don’t think Mexico will be any different. He’s gonna need to show his dual citizenship, and a passport will be the most efficient and acceptable form, to those custom border agents who are trained to be hard about documentation. Maybe he should call the consulate and look into it before he takes the risk. You’re a good friend for pursuing this, but what can you do if he won’t listen, right? At least you tried to help him.

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Meh its not like getting a passport is hard, it cost like 100 bucks and you get it in a few weeks. If he wants to be dumb let him find out the hard way instead of playing it safe. Its not like having a US passport is going to be a bad thing even if he doesn’t need it.

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I have dual citizenship… i can cross the border from Tijuana to San Diego without a passport no problem… but there’s NO WAY IN HELL i can get on a plane without one… different customs requirements apply at airports.. as well as more stringent security… both in Mexico and the US. (Voice of experience here).

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@Dr_C- How do you do that? Do you jump over San Ysidro?

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considering San Ysidro is in San Diego County… no not really… i just choose to stay either on the 5 or 805 and not exit into San Ysidro…. but good poin. Although to those of us who grew up in TJ All of San Diego County is considered San Diego… be it La Jolla, Chula Vista (which… let’s be honest… is more a part of Tijuana than San Diego)... or anywhere else in the county… it’s just one big city to us :)

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BUT OF COURSE he needs a passport!!! even with the dual citizenship!! He has to go through imigration when he lands in mexico and there is absolutely no way he can get on an international flight with no passport!!! tell him that if he doesnt want to get into huge trouble, he needs to get both passports ASAP

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Well, the airline will not let him board without a passport (the airlines pay huge fines if they allow passengers to board without the necessary travel documents). So he’ll get his rude awakening when he arrives at the airport to take his flight.

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